Guizhou filters the nternet bad information to purify the network environment

Guizhou Province recently to Internet cafes, Internet and campus surrounding environment as the focus, focus on remediation action, filtering bad information in Internet, quickly formed a strong trend to purify the social cultural environment in the province, purify the network environment of minors.

reporter from the Guizhou provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department Network Department learned that Guizhou province to focus on remediation bars the admission of minors and Internet cafes as a priority among priorities to purify the social cultural environment, the establishment of the province’s Internet special rectification work leading group, all levels of public security, industry and commerce, culture, communication management and other departments work together, focus on the regulation of Internet cafes to accept minors, registration is not standardized (not implemented), overtime management, Internet cafes, Internet cafes around the campus and other illegal acts, for primary and secondary schools around less than 200 meters within the scope of Internet cafes, electronic game room inventory, to crack down on Internet overtime management behavior.

at the same time, to carry out the network civilization into the campus of Guizhou Province, " released to the society; the protection of minors green Internet petition ", donated 16000 sets of green Internet software to schools, to the minor family free distribution of 5000 sets of green Internet software, and green Internet software on the province website for free download. To guide the health of minors and civilized internet.

Guizhou province also pay close attention to the Internet real name registration system, have completed the upgrade of the real name system of Internet cafes. And the development of the issuance of the work in the province to engage in the work of the Internet cafe inspectors notice to hire Internet cafes supervisor 2769.

The Internet

campaigns, Guizhou province innovation implementation " six with " namely, meditate and unannounced visits combined, concentrated rectification actions and departments combined, daily inspection and spot checks, the combination of general inspection and inspection of key combination, daytime and nighttime inspection checks, the combination of self-examination and city area of responsibility the county to cross check the combination of bar linkage, do the unified deployment, overall progress, tackling the problem, focusing on the fundamental. Guiyang City, the implementation of " on the area of Internet cafes; red " " " green card; management system of law-abiding Internet hang standardized operation of " ", a green card; on illegal business behavior record key supervision " bar hanging red card; " three months, no violations of the hanging on " green card ".

remediation action, only in the second half of last year to find, delete pornographic and other harmful information 35211. And effectively punish spam messages, Internet vulgar wind, to take measures to prevent the spread of about 9700000 illegal and spam messages. The original business has 33 units to 135 units, mobile phone or Internet information service access services and new business license application to complete the information security review, set up corresponding information file, the illegal start sites and illegal access basically control.

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