51.com recent layoffs official said the news is not accurate

February 3rd morning news, according to sources exclusively revealed, 51.com recently conducted a company wide layoffs, and said the next phase will get the measures introduced.

"year-end bonus only a month, a lot of people are unhappy, the sources said the pay cut rumors, the current 51.com has gone to a lot of people feel very lonely".

51.com director of public relations, said the dragon in the acceptance of Tencent technology connection, said the message is not accurate.

Long Zhenwei said that the first phase of the 51.com is indeed part of the staff to adjust, but only based on the end of the year for routine elimination, according to personnel regulations, the elimination rate of around 5%".

market and game department is also stepping up hiring "dragon comways added, pre 51.com personnel adjustment is a normal phenomenon, 09 years overall size" would only increase, not decrease".

on the pay cut issue, Long Zhenwei told the Tencent of science and technology "middle management including below the middle of the employees are not down, but there are several executives said" voluntary pay cut, to save money for the company".

Long Zhenwei admitted that this year 51.com unified payment of a month as a year-end bonus, leaving the remaining one month to 09 years.

"this is to encourage employees in 09 years of hard work," dragon comways explained, that is 09 years if the development of the company, 51.com employees will receive a 3 month bonus.

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