A5 selection how to better operate the new station how to make the product quickly get word of mouth

for a new station, we are often more questions about how to better operation, how to do a good job ranking, how to do traffic, etc.. Faced with these problems, some novice webmaster and SEO become overwhelmed, however, want to operate the new station is so difficult to do the following, I screened a variety of more successful cases and share with everyone:

1 website design is also a very important point  


page to see the details, from the view point of restructuring, page finesse, readability and scalability of the code, for the downstream service code comments, writing interface style, code compression, image optimization can be classified as the details of the deal, my understanding is that the details of the deal just mentioned is a basic skill for each reconstruction engineer should have, is not the true sense of the details, good details should be starting from the user, should be from the heart of a caring for the user. Here are two small cases, we are doing the page when the common plate, if we carefully deal with it, perhaps the user will feel more intimate.

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2 mining truth UGC travel website analysis contrast  

advertised user generated content or with the function of UGC tourism website, the author in-depth observation and analysis before and after less than thirty, including Baidu tourism, windmill net (already playing dead), donkey mother, the way cattle net, have a preliminary understanding of judgment on the domestic Internet mainstream tourism community. Travel site in the range of UGC, ant nest, 8264, QiongYou three website currently do the most successful, and other sites are not valued or cry up wine and sell vinegar too. Therefore, the comparative analysis of some of the three web site data to share with you.

website data analysis and comparison

first look at some of the data comparison site, the data are estimated, and the actual data may be different, but still can refer to, from which we can see some differences, draw some conclusions.

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3 mall needs to simplify the design of  

if you want to show off your goods, is there anything better than building a stage for them?

this is the latest trend in the design of e-commerce web sites – extremely simplified

in the past, many online stores have adopted the opposite way to design. These sites are often filled with a variety of information, fonts and colors are aggressive, and the site seriously over design

now many websites abandoned models, exaggerated colors and words.