United States men do blind dating site registered users up to about 200000

, according to U.S. media recently reported that the United States man Jerry · 7 years ago, founded a dedicated to help American farmers to find a blind date of the object of alternative dating site (FarmersOnly.com). Since its inception, the registered users of the site has been increased from the original 2000 to the current about 200000.

According to the

, the site in the user registration, do not ask him what sign, but ask him not to raise livestock farmers, what, what kinds of crops, however, these "soil" has successfully helped hundreds of farmers here find love into the marriage hall.

listen to the complaint to stimulate the creation of ambition

in an interview with reporters, the website founder Jerry · Miller said memories started it is located in the state of Ohio site in 2005, then by a farmer to complain about divorce initiation this idea. The female farmer told Jerry, "I’m afraid that I can’t find in the circle of people for me, although I know all the people in the town," Jerry recalled, "I have to surrender! Maybe I should try online dating!" however, one month after the farmer told him, "and that I don’t know the man talking farmers life!"

later, Jerry spent nine months focusing on the singles in the community of the farm, but heard similar words. And these stimulate the ambition of Jamie website, his website is the slogan "city people, please bypass!"

site in the face of all U.S. farmers

by virtue of this slogan, Jerry founded the site from the initial 2000 registered users, the development has been a registered user of about 200000, unusually hot. Allegedly, each user to pay a monthly fee of about $16 per month, or about $6 a month to choose the package price to enjoy the service provided by the site.

the site is now facing farmers across the country, including all those who want to move back to the suburbs to live in rural areas. "You can work in a restaurant, a store, and you don’t have to be a farmer," said Geoff in Cleveland. "But we must have the same values."

"people find true love or good friends on the site, and I get a call almost every day. In fact, after the site was founded, there have been hundreds of couples into the marriage hall." Jerry said.

blind date case

"people here are the most real"

47 year old Tracey · in 2009, the end of the marriage of the marriage of the past 25 years in. Her father wanted her to start a new marriage, and asked her to register on the site (FarmersOnly.com), but was rejected by Tracey: "I’m not a farmer!"


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