Renren Deputy General Topaz and developers for profit should not open platform

speed transit network in December 14th, jointly organized by the Internet Society of China and speed transit network of the blue ocean Salon "open platform focusing on opportunities and challenges, to high-end industry seminar held in the closed Chinese Internet association. Qihoo 360 vice president Chen Danqing, vice president of Renren topaz, Sogou desktop Technology Division General Manager Yang Hongtao, senior manager of the public affairs department of Baidu, Dong Xiuhai flies CEO Ni County music, download the Sina micro-blog open platform marketing manager Gong Min, Tencent, micro-blog open platform, deputy director of the group responsible for the simulation verification center Liu Huijie and comprehensive experiments of advanced communication network engineer Zhang Dehua and other domestic mainstream Internet Co executives, open platform responsible person and experts attended the meeting, deputy director of the research department of Li Zenghai Chinese Internet association.

Deputy Secretary General of the China Internet association Internet Marketing Committee,

, founder and CEO fan speed media hosted sharon. The participants speak freely, "to support the development of shared interests, "" openness "and" respect the user "has become a consensus, Sharon also discussed the standard construction Chinese open Internet platform and promote the feasibility problem.

vice president of all companies Huang Jing proposed not to compete with the third party developers’ point of view has been widely recognized by the participants. " do open platform requires a certain number of users and traffic as the foundation. On top of this platform, enterprises do specialize in the business, rather than single handedly. Only the realization of the commercial value of the developers, in order to achieve win-win situation. "

Citrine suggested that the platform for small and medium developers should increase efforts to split into a certain stage or even do not divide, in order to support the developer, in his view, the open platform and developers are mutually reinforcing relationship. "At present in large scale open platform is the company’s early involvement, late entrants face increasingly high threshold, complex game development, investment in human resources also need more cost and promotion are relatively difficult.