Ma again reached the insurance nternet insurance in this business should do

said the winter capital, venture money is more and more difficult, but for the first year has just entered the era of the Internet insurance, financing does not seem so difficult to imagine.

days ago, warp capital released "2016 Internet Insurance Industry Research Report" shows that entrepreneurs in the field of Internet insurance companies has reached 100, in 2015 there were 23 financing totaling 7 billion yuan. And among the million Club financing platform 5, which is a large insurance, Zhong An insurance, Hui optional network, network, car insurance.

Internet insurance seems to be entering a golden age, the Internet giants have vied for a slice of the field. Three horses joint establishment of Zhong An insurance, last year has exposed again jointly set up the Internet life insurance company, even the name is already in the State Administration for Industry and commerce to complete approval – zhong an online life insurance company limited.

in the giants and traditional insurance companies competing to get involved in Internet plus insurance under pressure, to obtain a license Internet insurance company and other non licensed startups coexist in different platforms, their survival state is what, what is their current business model? And what are the challenges facing the future, planning and what? Let’s take a look at these financing billions of dollars of new wealth, is how to do.

: Zhong An insurance with her golden spoon "from the Internet insurance sample

as the first Internet insurance license of the enterprise, it has some unique advantages of Xiaoshan many aspects of business processes to achieve a completely independent, there is a strong endorsement of credit financing, strong shareholder is bringing a lot of resources for it.

China Ping’an insurance product design, actuarial, provide claims professional advantage, Alibaba and Tencent have a huge customer base and customer trading volume, and the value of low cost business sales platform, the remaining small shareholders have certain advantages of resources and talents of science and technology in the network.

product, Xiaoshan in travel insurance, accident insurance, health insurance, group insurance, income insurance and other aspects have the layout, the concern is that it also cooperates with many enterprises are designed according to the characteristics of insurance scene.

such as Zhong An insurance joint Taobao launched the first Internet deposit insurance — all music treasure, in order to provide insurance for the performance ability of Taobao sellers, to better protect the rights and interests of the selling price. For example, the joint security guards Baidu launched a hundred pay security, if you encounter a mobile phone virus malicious chargeback, password theft caused economic losses, Baidu mobile guards users will receive a loss payment. For example, the United States mission to carry out the introduction of the United States Mission food safety liability insurance, once the user suffered food safety accidents, will receive some compensation.


Xiaoshan a variety of products, but several main products accounted for too large, the business model is still single, it also brings some security risks for the development of public security.

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