The nternet open platform a spring or a trap

grassroots entrepreneurs to usher in the spring or trap

Shanda, Tencent, Taobao, Thousand Oaks, Baidu…… The Internet Co, which dominate their respective fields, now have a more similar strategic goal: an open platform. Even after apple, Google, YAHOO is also preparing for the open platform for Chinese developers. The industry is also open to the platform for a piece of praise, but it will be likened to grassroots entrepreneurs in the spring".

open platform bigwigs make a clarion call: come on, give you wealth. Tens of thousands of developers to race before the race, but the presence of the front or to consider the three question: so many open platform, choose who can earn more money?

developers confused 1

platform good hesitation wandering


now, the social networking site SNS open platform is tasted. Because, in 2010, Taobao, Tencent, Shanda, Baidu have launched a similar strategy.

"but the attention does not mean looking for an open platform up", a small game developer told reporters, when only an open platform, may be a better choice, but with more open platform, "choose to become rich but hard".

in fact, online games to the main business of the grand, SNS social networking sites, instant messaging software QQ, the owner of the Tencent Chinese search engine Baidu, open platform strategy in their multi games cross, not to mention the existence of direct competition, happy net, SNS website.

based on the above reasons, a number of open platform for developers to. "Open platform brand appeal and can provide a number of benefits is crucial for developers, there are insiders, brand influence, Baidu, Tencent, Taobao may have the advantage of Shanda, There is nothing comparable to this, but SHS in the social field of entertainment and gaming has unique advantages, so look at the brand, the flow of open platform the developers will swing into. Perhaps Baidu and Tencent is an exception, "after all, they have most rivals two products, Baidu search and QQ software, Baidu open platform has begun to strengthen the cohesive make a fuss of search engine, search which is the temptation of any developers, and the Tencent is relatively conservative".

but generally speaking, be roughly the same, open platform have been under the command of forces in their respective areas of brand influence on the user’s relatively speaking, developers decide the direct reason or open platform are what kind of cooperation conditions and price. Of course, we want to promote their products on all the development platform, the general will look at the open platform to talk about whether the agreement is fair and reasonable, the developer told reporters.

in fact, the strength of the gap on the capital, visibility makes the majority of small and medium developers really disadvantaged. The developer said, "basic agreement"