1 billion dollars do takeout, nternet thinking pull eggs

first explained that this is not a criticism of my article, but questioned, yes, questioned.

see the recent online crazy pass, a delivery companies hungry for financing, the financing of $1 billion, $1 billion, how much is it? 6 billion 600 million yuan! A takeaway platform, so large financing, before it is not already melt into money, whether the

value of money?

first, I personally to the capital market is not very familiar with, because in my mind, now the capital market people are silly money, follow the trend of serious investment projects is up to as long as a no loss, but also not stupid people crazy, they must have their own investment the position, not that this investment is a place for our first stage goal is, to count an account

we first according to 6 billion 600 million yuan terms, at the same time according to the average one takeaway food labeled in accordance with the calculation of 15 yuan minimum, so this money is enough for many people to eat? Enough for 440 million people together to eat a meal, if 440 million people really a starting point a takeaway, then I can apply for a Chinese and world of Guinness the record, of course, is the number of meaningful? The answer is no, because I have no need to set 440 million white-collar lunch. I just to give you an idea only, then we change the algorithm, see which money can do what


if you really do take out the market, give me the money, I see what you can do!

well, 1 billion dollars, shop it, the kind of pure mode positioning do takeout shop, only the kitchen, the business district is very small, small in size, in dozens of square meters, main 15 yuan meal, about 300 thousand yuan can invest in a store, less staff, by processing and distribution logistics center, product transparency the main health, health, speed, and the core of a 15 yuan, 15 yuan why? Because it is now the company’s general meal allowance is 15 yuan, then we look at the money, what

$1 billion if the investment shops can open 2.2 stores, is that so many stores, but a city so much to do, certainly not, they also voted for the financing of the national market, so a city like Beijing how many stores enough? Think 150 stores around the same, after all first occupied the Office area, according to this scale, the north, on the wide, deep, are in accordance with this vote, in accordance with the other 100 stores, so we can cover many city? 218 City, then according to the hungry myself, they cover almost 230 city now, that is to say in fact, almost, if you count the three or four line of the city, opened a store may not spend so much money, so it covers 230 city is no problem! But they opened the city station, We opened the store ah, not an equal level!

then someone said, the Internet is mainly to burn money, advertising, branding, grab share! "