n the invitation of minon goods meters

              with the increasing popularity of the Internet, the number of Internet users in China has become the first country in the world, making the Internet friend understanding and application of the value of the domain name is more and more proficient, "rice farming" extensively and registered trademarks, trade names, derivatives industry attributes all possible and the associated image mark down, as the unique identifier of the network in the world of its unique charm, greatly enriched the Internet information world, also have the enormous convenience for users.              
              to set in stationmaster net network festival to all Internet users friend "in the moon minon meters" domain name collection, product competition.

            activity time: 2008 09 month 02 -09 on day 09   domain name registration collection (not limited suffix)
            activity appraisal time: 2008 09 month 09 -09 on day 12   users; vote for the most valuable domain name
            activity awards time: 2008 09 – 12 August 14 March -09   brainstorming network for the domain name holder issued

prize winners

              organizers: webmaster nets (www.admin5.com), network (www.geisnic.com), stationmaster net domain name Forum (http://s.bbs.admin5.com/forum-213-1.html)
              partners: Top002 Links network (www.top002.com), the webmaster helper network (www.linkhelper.cn), (www.54zz.com), library website history I (www.55.la), ITBEAR net (www.itbear.com.cn)