Once again, the blog bus can not visit the official said the room was hacked

February 1st 17:15 news, the domestic well-known blog service providers (BlogBus) blog bus access in recovery after half a month, again this afternoon there cannot be accessed, officials said the cause of the malfunction is computer hacking.

users broke the news, blog bus again this afternoon unable to access the fault. Confirmed by the news, Dou Yi CEO, founder of BlogBus line (net ", he explained warer"), this is because of the failure to access the blog bus server room was hacked, when full recovery is still uncertain.

BlogBus this is not the reason for the last visit. January 5th, domain name registration service provider network received a higher level notice, due to bad content, stop the blog bus website domain name resolution. Until January 13th, a week later, BlogBus was restored to visit.

a week to "shut down" let BlogBus weakened, some users have begun to move to other blog service site. Portal Sina took the opportunity to play the blog moving tools, advertising, BlogBus users, which was a number of BlogBus some of the old user antipathy. The visit failure, for BlogBus, is undoubtedly worse. Industry analysts believe that a series of BlogBus encounter, but also reflects the plight of small and medium sites in China’s special environment.