Why Microsoft closed MSN China Nandi Baidu Tencent and other local giants

BI Chinese station on May 21st reported

recently, Microsoft decided to close the MSN China website in June 7th.

at present, MSN China station provides news, lifestyle content, as well as Chinese users will be the search engine. The closure of the site means that Microsoft failed in the Chinese market. The Chinese market has more than 720 million Internet users and more than 1 billion of the population.



, let’s talk about why Microsoft shut down the site and what impact it will have on Microsoft’s overall business.

MSN why suffered defeat in China

2010, Google announced the withdrawal of the Chinese mainland market, while Microsoft has become the beneficiaries of this decision Google. Microsoft with the regulatory requirements, and the search engine can also continue to operate in mainland china.

unfortunately, however, must have been unable to catch up with Baidu. Google exit from the Chinese market, Baidu has been a leader in the Chinese market, the current control of the search engine market share of more than 70%. Last year, the search market in China, will be the share of less than 2%.

is similar to Google, Baidu has used its search engine to develop a huge ecosystem, including maps, cloud storage, portals, and O2O services for mobile users. In Chinese, will be sounded like "disease", it has also become the material of some piece of ridicule.

Microsoft MSN also failed to become China’s leading portal. Tencent is currently the largest online portal Chinese, while QQ has formed a huge ecosystem, including games, media and social networking sites. By the end of 2015, QQ instant messaging software attracted 853 million months of active users. According to Alexa data, relatively small competitors, including Sina and Sohu, also ranked China’s top 10 popular websites. However, MSN China even failed to enter the top 100.

why MSN China failed as early as expected

Microsoft initially hoped that the Windows Phone system and Cortana voice assistant (Na Na) can help the company to win a certain advantage for Baidu and Tencent giants. However, in the market dominated by Android and iOS, Microsoft’s initiatives have not been effective.

subsequently, Microsoft will be the default search engine Windows 10 system, hoping to use the operating system to lead the search engine to lead the fight against Baidu. The same effect is not good, and in September last year, Microsoft decided to replace Baidu Bing, as the default search engine Windows 10. In the face of these setbacks, it is clear that Microsoft can not use mobile or desktop operating system to expand its ecosystem, >