Talking about is a feast or gimmick, where the value of double eleven

the development of electricity providers sometimes make people feel confused. A bachelor is embarrassing but is now a holiday season in the electric business carnival, conversion which really makes people ruminate. Now eleven is about to usher in the sixth year of their own, in not start before the gunpowder already full, from Ali registered trademark, major businesses began to double eleven Pactrometer, getting ready to grab the user, and after the booming double eleven will create miracles?

In fact, with the

user consumption habits mature, low price promotion on everyone’s reaction is no longer like before you blindly, before shopping in addition to the value of the price, pay more attention to the value of input goods brought, if the things you don’t need or is not practical, so the low price will not cause transactions. And this is clearly a big drag on the next eleven seeking performance growth. Of course, this is just a microcosm of the whole industry difficult now, throughout the double eleven promotion and marketing process, some problems gradually revealed.

first, the user’s consumer psychology mature. As mentioned above, now the eyes of consumers is obviously not only the price of two words, everyone’s consumption began to become more rational and restrained, plus 6 years of time to let everyone for double eleven bargains less interest, therefore, now ten one big problem is how to bring the interest of all and re create the comprehensive shopping carnival.

second, the price war did not play, users are starting to become fatigued, even worse is the merchant usual tricks have been all through, how to let everyone trust at two words is a very difficult problem. Ensure the quality of service and low price of gold is the future of the eleven issues need to be resolved.

third, even if the user does not pay, businesses are now playing their thinking. A few years ago everyone to attend the dual eleven activities of different businesses, the mind now began to change, compared with the previous pursuit of performance, now the business is clearly more willing to use the double eleven compaction and settling their own user. After all, after leaving only low-cost businesses peibenzhuanyaohe, consumer understanding of the brand is not profound, which allows businesses to reassess their business practices, and this change of attitude also directly reduce the severity and attractiveness of double eleven price war.

fourth, double eleven has become a whole industry shopping carnival, how to allocate resources has become a big problem. These years the development of the electricity supplier Chinese obvious to people, the rise of many business platform for consumers to choose also began to change, now it faces double eleven, in addition to Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong,, Dangdang, the 1st shops have also joined, we take the same means to strive for a certain share of the market share, inevitably will make the whole marketing activities become lively enough". Just think of the success of the double eleven, relying on the heat and the platform effect, if we do it, then obviously can not create a shopping spree atmosphere, and the disappearance of this atmosphere is not only to eliminate the