O2O is the food and beverage industry life-saving straw Don’t make fun of me……

  O2O; in recent years, the term spread in the food and beverage industry to raise a Babel of criticism of a restaurant owner, it seemed, was behind the do Internet marketing. Then, a group of so-called O2O companies have sprung up, and LA to fudge a restaurant owner, told the restaurant owner said, O2O on how much, how much value. The bosses are willing to try something new, and so on! What is more, shouted "O2O is the food and beverage industry last straw, I really admire your courage, call me the willies ah, a cold sweat, O2O, do you really have that cow? I really like you talk about.

a, online ordering: a game a dream

in the final analysis, I do not know whether the online ordering is the customer’s needs, or the needs of catering enterprises. In fact, when the customer ordering, generally the two habits, is the first restaurant in my own reputation, for example, I would point Roasted Duck Quanjude, grandma on the point of Mapo Tofu. The second is to look at the menu or look at the surrounding customers on the table dishes, to achieve visual effects and choose a dish.

online ordering is really convenient, but it is just a tool, not the real needs of customers. You this thing is very high, but the Internet on the picture looks the same size dishes is "dead", the picture again big and beautiful, there will be live shows good effect? And this product is time-consuming and laborious, I need a clever organizer to training that is not particularly cold Internet attendants, first brainwash them "the Internet is valuable, can change everything, then they taught how to operate, verification, settlement, also making a good Q& A, generally the emergence of new things, the customer will ask that question, you are not a little not explain.


there are more important issues, validation, sometimes need to allow customers to produce mobile phone, if accidentally damaged how to do? Is who? Or do you have to print out the order? For instance, when customers order the meal, dishes out, the customer did not eat, request a refund, this will cause the contradiction? Sometimes customers to shop to enjoy the service process, and these are not completely Internet based.

in order to ensure the accuracy of the dishes at the same time to prevent the occurrence of trading loopholes, we must open up the cash register system, whether it is compatible with each other is hard to say. This is to say that this can reduce the waiter, I saw the restaurant to increase the trouble, and the customer is not necessarily because you can not eat your meals online. As for the "online ordering can be discounted, even more ridiculous, my client is very stable," Huyou "must pay the time and labor costs, the money does not say, but also as a person under the guise of Internet, The loss outweighs the gain.. The online ordering a myth, it is really a dream game.

two, coupon: Gently I will leave you

I admit that a few years ago, when the coupon has just come up, we have a great advantage for these businesses. >