Youku routing double 11– to send even the elephant treasure beach!

me! I see! I conquer! – so arrogant, concise and comprehensive declaration of Jihad only worthy of the Kaiser successful landing Pompeii?! NO! It is the double eleven online shopping Carnival will boil, countless netizens all surging voice! Because, cool and full of treasure into the 2015 Tmall double route eleven



elephants dare to send


you are not wrong! In this unique China Online Shopping Festival, Youku routing treasure will let our single Wang have a passionate life full value experience, help you speed off! Buy Youku treasure that have embarrassed routing Hong Kong Limited Edition elephant condom passion delivery! Buy routing treasure turned out to send elephants? So throb wildly it moves out of the friction full promotion pace! However, the elephant condom is only a corner of treasure 11 double route Youku premium package iceberg! Double eleven day, each routing Youku treasure only sold at the low price of 79 yuan in the Tmall Shopping Mall. Not only that, four million successful panic buying users will also receive premium package combinations, in addition to Hong Kong Limited Edition embarrassed elephant condom, also includes the electric card worth 138 yuan, 75 yuan worth of quality wine! This is not all! Love fans Youku routing treasure, in this day, you have a better chance of even half price! 0 yuan! This smart routing artifact


alone does not matter, the key will make money!

often is the circle of friends, no bottom line show loving child heart colic? Often by friends ridicule single Wang, midnight healing alone? This day, let Youku routing treasure all the way to accompany you to shine qiyuxuanang double 11 single! No matter, money is king! Have moved to tears. Q: This is really a router will make money? Yes, Youku treasure – a single route let Wang are lying on the sofa can also automatically "ATM" to make money! Youku home users can use Alipay routing bandwidth resources for users to earn income per month. The user can be Youku routing treasure bound Alipay account, through the mobile phone app routing treasure monitor monthly earnings, and easy to cash.

The principle of making money is not complicated

Youku routing treasure, its biggest feature is the ability to make use of and optimize the user’s home idle uplink bandwidth for other users to watch Youku potatoes video services. According to the contribution of the number of uplink bandwidth, you can get excellent gold coins virtual currency accumulation. Users through the acquisition of the best gold coins, you can withdraw cash or redeem the value of its mall. In simple terms, is to share the value of Youku routing server pressure, saving bandwidth costs, therefore, Youku will be part of the cost savings to return to the user. So not only for the user to make routing treasure money, but also improve the quality of service Youku, can be described as a win-win transaction. Way to make money is very simple, as long as the treasure route connected to the network, you can wait for the coins automatically sent to your pocket.

so, how much can be Youku routing treasure for the user