Honey Amoy do not hit the price war to enter South Korea duty-free shops

sina science and technology news September 16th news, the recent cross-border electricity supplier honey Amoy announced the subversion of its original sea Amoy business, focusing on the South Korean imports of goods market. New honey Amoy from logo, positioning and the client and website of the show have made a new adjustment, the content and the product overall bias and increase shopping in Korea, "Korean fan" community channel in the client, and the introduction of user Master mechanism, brings a strong visual impact and a new shopping experience.

honey Amoy CEO Xie Wenbin said that the concept of honey Amoy Korea duty-free shops, put the future strategy in Korea, will be more focused and more precise and more features. We will be committed to creating a platform for brand services to help more South Korea has accumulated valuable brands into China, so that Chinese consumers will be able to buy authentic Korean goods for the first time.

The proposed

honey Amoy South Korea duty-free concept, the main South Korean imports of professional market, relying on a strong supply chain advantage to focus on South Korea, South Korea and a large number of brand product design elements, the main South Korean women and the star of the same paragraph. Korean drama brought about by the popularity of many of the stars around the product for Chinese consumers are familiar with and touted, consumers will be able to get the first time in the Amoy Amoy original flavor of the Korean star with the same product.

honey Amoy aspects, honey Amoy has the largest supply chain enterprises in South Korea and the establishment of a strategic cooperative relationship, all procurement from the well-known brands in South korea. At the same time, honey Amoy in South Korea established a dedicated self warehouse, and through the establishment of the bonded area to build their own model of goods. After the goods are packaged in South Korea, South Korea shipped directly from the local delivery, without having to go through the complex transport can be quickly transported to the user’s hand.

it is understood that the new on-line Han fan community channels, including fashion, tourism, shopping and other sectors, and in the form of waterfall flow to the user. One of the most interesting is the first introduction of Amoy Amoy talent mechanism to share the success of the shopping experience through the release of graphic form, for China’s consumers to bring the first line of Korean Trend information.