The trend of differentiation is obvious vertical B2C sites will be hot

analysts believe that with the gradual maturity of the domestic e-commerce market, footwear, clothing and other vertical B2C will be rapid development. The recent focus on footwear and apparel products online retail website Zappos was acquired by Amazon for $847 million, it is hot in this field. Not only clothing online shopping enterprises reached VANCL footwear market, good music to buy is to obtain an undisclosed amount of risk investment. Online shopping market is expected to form a comprehensive B2C and vertical B2C coexist situation.

fine differentiation trend evident vertical B2C site will be hot

in the B2C field, with excellence and Dangdang as a representative of the big department model, are also represented in vertical started, such as Jingdong, red child, holyda Shaobao nets, etc.. In the electronic commerce, the vertical pattern and the multiplex pattern all seem to develop according to their respective directions.

vertical e-commerce transactions in the future model can account for 20% to the size of the entire IT market in the next 3 years, the traditional channel sales of all goods can be purchased through e-commerce." Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong said.

I believe that the future of vertical B2C will greatly weaken the advantages of integrated B2B site in the same field. Because only one industry may do more professional. For the diversification of e-commerce, the requirements of the enterprise at least the following characteristics: first, the funds must be strong, because it involves a number of different product lines of different nature of the product; two is a high demand for supply chain management. For example, 3C digital products and food supply chain management has a big difference. Three is required to have a high degree of integration of resources. For vertical e-commerce, the core competitiveness is reflected in the "professional". But only vertical products but can not meet the needs of customers in many ways, the customer needs is not only to see a product showcase and lower prices, but also need more professional services.