Technology of outdoor products company Decathlon Road West China Market

NetEase Francisco February 18th news, recently, the French outdoor technology products Decathlon group released 2016 global earnings. Relying on R & D investment, public sports technology research and the gradual popularization of the concept of healthy living, the company’s global sports product sales continued to grow. According to official reports, Decathlon group 2016 global revenue of over 10 billion euros (about 72 billion 800 million yuan), an increase of 12%.

Decathlon said, as earnings release, outside France international market accounted for 67% of the group’s business, China continues to be the most important overseas market position, the number after the mall has a 40 year history of the French market, located in the second group.



in China, 2016 is the Decathlon stable layout of the whole industry chain of the year.

The number of Decathlon

China stores from 166 to 214 in 2015 (Taiwan 9), in Urumqi, Nanchang, Fuzhou, Datong, Nanning, Baotou, Yangzhou, Yibin, Xiangtan, Zhuzhou, Liuzhou, Handan, Pingxiang, Meizhou, Tangshan, Cixi, Changde city shop.


2016, Decathlon introduced the real-time evaluation system in the country to cancel the return to limit movement of user demand as the starting point, to break the line, distance and time limit of barriers to return.

Decathlon said, relying on scientific and technological research and development investment and driven by the movement of the user experience to further enhance. At the same time, in the past two years, with the help of group management and cost control of the whole industry chain, the Decathlon China average single product sales price 8%.

Decathlon said that the future will be long-term adherence to the product R & D investment and technology driven, stable price, reduce the cost, to promote more people contact movement. (Pang Pang)