Buy the original price of the site is extremely high processing super discount discount is flicker

Hotel Deluxe Double Room group purchase price 688 yuan, only 158 yuan! "In the face of such a group purchase advertising, however, if you resist? Miss Chang heart there is a big question:" I’ve booked this hotel but the original price two hundred or three hundred yuan, why buy price on the site is 688 yuan this is false original it?." The reporter found the on-the-spot investigation, the current price is only Hotel Deluxe Double Room 288 yuan.

reporter learned that, although the majority of the group purchase commodity price is affordable, but the group purchase website fictional plateau price "Huyou" consumer phenomenon meet the eye everywhere, to raise the price, and then to ninety percent off, eighty percent off or even less than ninety percent off of the low discount to attract consumers, it has become one of the industry’s unspoken rule.

buy accommodation, the original site is carried up

under the guidance of Miss Zhang, the reporter in the handle network found this buy advertising. The ad shows nice hotel, Deluxe Double Room Deluxe room or a night stay in group purchase price for 688 yuan, only 158 yuan. Reporters rushed to the hotel’s investigation, found that the hotel announced the deluxe double room "retail price" 388 yuan, "today’s price is 288 yuan, is not mentioned in the online price 688 yuan".

When the reporter mentioned that the

group purchase website advertising, a staff member said, online group purchase is the retail price of 388 yuan luxury double room, the original price of 688 yuan is "website carried up", so all the discount will be relatively low, the better effect of the group purchase.

in the buy site, the original price is not uncommon high. Reporter random inquiry made a few buy advertising Hotel, found that the original price are higher than the price of foreign sales. Travelers buy online recently organized in Shanghai, the United States and the United States to buy luxury hotels, advertising, said the original price of 980 yuan of affordable housing coupons now only $218. But when a reporter to the identity of consumers, the hotel staff said that the current standard room price is 398 yuan a night.

handle network, the original price of 1641 Yuan Dong Ding hotel senior business room double package buy only sell $488. But the hotel staff said, if you do not participate in group purchase, this package will cost about 500 yuan, the Internet standard of 1641 yuan refers to the retail price. "But now the hotel prices are based on retail price discount."

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in addition to the hotel price, the original price of the phenomenon is also high in the leisure, beauty, electrical appliances and other industries in the presence of widespread. Known as the original price of 980 yuan of a brand memory pillow in the "coupon" buy site to spend $89 on the purchase of. But in the brand’s Taobao mall brand outlets, with the price of the same memory pillow is 245 yuan, the current brand outlets are limited promotions, priced at $122.5.

a group purchase website, "the original price of 4800 yuan Daikin.