Micro industry which red line products can not touch

as a common derivative, in the face of micro industry competition, industry rules gradually standardized and formalized, should clearly understand the micro business is no longer possible rich situation. Therefore, do a good job for the details of an ordinary micro business is very important, especially the recent introduction of the retail shop management approach (Trial) is a major milestone in the industry standardization. Some time ago there was a news 90 men open shop selling cigarettes, "indecent video" was arrested on suspicion of illegal business case, so in the choice of products is to be careful! That we are going to talk about some key matters of product selection.

red line products can not touch

has a number of products, they have a high margin, high repetition rate, low cost, wide audience, and many other advantages, but you must not touch. Bear the brunt of the product is Mao film, most of these videos can be obtained from the Internet free of charge, for those who need to find only the source of the download, the cost of these things is almost zero. However, the micro business buddy can not remember to sell this kind of thing, because so far, hundreds of people due to the sale of "Mao" was arrested, and most people were sentenced, less than two years, more than five or six years in prison is inevitable. Followed by cigarettes. Cigarettes are also very important for micro business products. State provisions of the sale of cigarettes must be qualified for the tobacco monopoly retail business, and no ordinary micro shop is not satisfied with the eligibility criteria. In addition to the "feather" and cigarettes, some imported products also need to be careful, must take the formal channels, do not think of tax evasion, once caught, not only the confiscation of property, but also in prison.

– brand products need to be cautious

is still in the early stages of the development of the industry as a result of micro industry is still very low proportion of large products stationed. Therefore, it is a hybrid product, especially because the mask micro’s riches, Hodge mask brand is very much, in addition to brand-name products of low cost, high profit, the micro business attraction is still very large, a lot of micro business or are willing to sell this kind of product. But I personally suggest here is to focus on micro business in the choice of such products is in direct contact with the manufacturer if it is the best, inspects the manufacturer’s production base, the person in charge of the character is very necessary, in addition, can also look at whether the products are celebrity endorsements, advertising and so on; if not in direct contact the manufacturer, you should also try again, as its agent.

brand is really important

is a circle of friends or acquaintances based on increasingly familiar circle of people, in such a circle, you have a certain degree of trust, trust this thing must not be used as a trifling matter, because your sales based on trust, you can rest assured, at the same time bring value to friends, friends will the more you trust. So the choice must choose the product is genuine, and try to have some big brand products, such as Si Bu, 100 birds gazelle, Korea etc..