2014 Chinese electricity supplier keyword TOP10 listed the hottest fake the most attention

2014 is in the past, 2014 people can also have eye-catching things you remember? Whether it is popular on the abuse of all chips, or more and more people doing "derivative", these words seem as "fake" eye-catching, because from Ali to the relevant departments are fake. Although the "fake" this time hot enough, but compared to the "listing" of the word, but also to the heat was inferior, 2014, regardless of the number of listed companies or the market value, are still the most.

in 2014 what are the words of the electricity business is the most concerned about the following is the 2014 annual electricity supplier hot word inventory.

, 2014, the feudal lords vying for the throne of smoke, the electricity supplier industry bustling. The industry for the better, who want to share, the retrofit, stunt constantly, in between all the chiefs of the limelight, it is pretty fight. The new year is approaching, we conducted a major event occurred in 2014 China’s e-commerce industry. To ask what a strong business this year and below?.

[Keywords: listing]

greater than the largest Ali shares in the history of the largest IPO

focus playback: September 19, 2014, Alibaba in the NYSE officially the world’s largest IPO, the issue price of $68 per share, financing $21 billion 800 million. As of December 12 U.S. stocks closed, the total market capitalization of $261 billion 300 million Alibaba, has exceeded the Nasdaq stock market capitalization of the total.

also in 2014, the Jingdong is listed, vip.com valuation valuation of $24 billion 600 million; two years an increase of 40 times; the bright younger generation jumei.com’s market capitalization reached 19 times the first domestic electricity supplier shares Mcglaughlin listed $210 million valuation, etc..

also need to point out that, 58 city, where to go to the network, the 500 lottery network and other small and medium enterprises have completed the second half of last year, IPO, once again set off a Chinese electricity supplier to the u.s.. In China, the brewmaster network and group B2C electricity providers listed wind plot. Visible, in 2014 to become China’s electricity supplier IPO.

comment: the Jingdong and the Alibaba two predators this year has landed on the U.S. capital market, the capital market almost shocked the world. For the electricity supplier industry, which allows more than 90% share of the domestic B2C field, C2C field of more than 95% share becomes transparent, will accept the supervision of public investors. But at the same time, the electricity supplier in the second echelon of the day, more and more difficult. Next year the appliance also resorted to what new breakthrough, worth the wait and see consumers.

[keywords two: fake]

do not feel tired love fake sampling appliances caught

industrial and commercial administration on December 11th announced the double eleven during the electricity supplier platform to promote commodity sampling results: 8 batches of samples have been confirmed as counterfeit goods, Tmall, the number of shops, shop No. 2, Le bee network, Suning