Yes at the Baidu nnovation Conference showed X2C pie

recently saw a rumor, held in August 18th 2009 Baidu Technology Innovation Conference, Baidu will officially announce "Baidu has ah" "X2C" strategy, and is of great news about e-commerce.

rumored Baidu "X2C", I estimate that Baidu has an extension of the product, Baidu "X2C" should not be limited to B2C or C2C. The biggest advantage of this platform is to create a more equal trading environment for individuals and businesses, to give users more trust and a better user experience.

is said that Baidu will have to prepare for one or two years or more on the field of e-commerce innovation content to do a show, in August 18th, the Baidu Technology Innovation Conference on the launch of the 2009. To tell the truth, Baidu has been in the field of C2C in the past is just a follower, and now to enter the B2C, what is the purpose of


in fact, the logic is also free. Because the C2C is facing the bottleneck of their own: thousands of sellers in an online marketplace, greatly enriched the supply, but the uneven quality of the seller, a series of problems emerge in an endless stream online reputation, fake smuggled goods etc.. In this context, C2C is facing a mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore.

compared with C2C, B2C channel formal, full supply, product quality is guaranteed, can provide better pre-sales and after-sales service, apparently more able to allow consumers to establish a strong sense of trust. B2C B as a channel, manufacturers in terms of bargaining have more right to speak, to get the price is much lower than that of C2C; on the other hand, B2C as a channel directly to the manufacturers and consumers in series with the decrease of many intermediate links and commodity costs, but also due to the size effect there will be great advantages of cost sharing.

B2C by virtue of scale and reputation, will naturally become the next round of growth in China’s e-commerce market power. This judgment is mainly based on the continuous improvement of the external business environment, the gradual maturity of online shopping consumers, and B2C is a deep Internet economy with the characteristics of diminishing marginal cost model. Soon spell service services and the price of the case, the e-commerce business only to return to the "business brand" in order to maintain a good level of profitability, and B2C is the real brand.

Robin Li has publicly said: Baidu is very optimistic about e-commerce, especially in the next three to five years, China’s e-commerce will have a fundamental change, or leapfrog development. Baidu is the market in advance ready release ah, a lot of enterprises Chinese, especially the B2C companies, accustomed to doing business through the Internet, through e-commerce, through the Internet, will help enterprises to improve the efficiency, including cross regional expansion."

"X2C" in the future, not only to the Internet as an essential channel, and must become a good industrial chain reorganization, through the brand to enable consumers to form loyalty and