B2C merchant warehouse management experience sharing

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according to some of my experiences and e-commerce clients, I found that when the electricity supplier daily sales order in more than 50, will face some trivial things in warehouse management. Therefore, how to better manage the electricity supplier warehouse is very important to deal with is not good, it will greatly increase the cost and manpower, but also worse impact on customer service and sales performance. So I to thank you for your enthusiasm for the proposed net renamed many good comments and suggestions, and give the home www.53home.com Webmaster Help me to get some personal details in warehouse management and webmaster network users to share, but only personal experience, for reference. The deficiency is also hope in this with you man from P.

The following

design is based on your daily sales order in 50 single or above.

one, on the warehouse management aspects of business processes

first, I think this is an important part of the function. It involves more work processes to handle, said that the first part of the business, including the following aspects: I. order information processing sales orders into the storehouse, the storehouse including the details of the goods and quantity), while the courier / transport orders printed.

ii.: according to the sorting Chukuchan sorting; sorting tool can be used in small containers, such as a small box or home use older bamboo compote can. To place an order in a container. After picking up, print out the warehouse / sales order in the container and place it in the specified packing position.

III. packaging: packaging recommendations on a fixed packaging table. Packaging according to the sorting container and packing requirements. To pay attention to the fall and water treatment, in particular, a good newspaper packaging gap filler, and economical and practical. At the same time, the packaging can be considered single commissioned, can also be handled alone.

IV. Express single handle: print and paste recommendations to do their own, courier staff are basically handwritten, there are printing, the error probability is certainly large, so do their own better. Don’t be lazy yo): thanks to their own.

v. shipments: contact express delivery company. Suggestions in building their own logistics system, the main sales regions as their division, choose different courier companies in different areas, because each courier companies have their own regional advantages, the need to do homework in advance. Selected, fast, good service.

two, warehousing management inventory part

warehouse management inventory to do a few key work, as follows:

a): the main warehouse environment should pay attention to prevention, moisture, rain and snow disaster, fire. The mouse is very troublesome, food, cosmetics, digital devices have to pay special attention to the bite on the bad, anti mouse is also particularly fond of the drug line, such as data lines, wires, and the bite on the trouble;