Micro business will die, probation 6 months

Mowgli spent two months, with an average investment of up to 10 hours a day, in-depth investigation of micro business, micro marketing, from the media, and ultimately come to a shocking conclusion —

micro business will, within the next 6 months, 90% micro are unable to escape the industry catastrophe!

I hesitated for a week, would you like to send the results reveal to the public, is likely to be struck by lightning. But the spirit of "tell the truth, do practical things," the principle, or can not help but roar roar!

first explained, this article refers to the micro business, referring to the main camp WeChat to brush circle of friends based tactical product dealers, I summed up the 9 most common cause of death micro business.

1, the product follow suit

bogey brother personal WeChat has 5000 friends, there are 1000 micro business, their main category is the mask of the rest, the rest of the cosmetics, imitation bag, weight loss stickers, jewelry, food based.

and Taobao small business than the micro business category is obviously a lot of narrow, and ultimately will evolve into a highly homogeneous Red Sea, sooner or later rotten street.

to do the most derivative mask as an example, a lot of people calling me a good product, why not sell? The reason is very simple, at least there are thousands of brand mask circles, is already one of the red sea dragons and fishes jumbled together.

at this point is not your product itself, but the overall market competition. Such as the prevention of AIDS, the key lies in your own health is not good, but you sleep with people who mix with each other every day!

2, poor quality

There are a lot of poor quality of the three products

micro District, serious pollution of the entire market environment. Before selling well a certain brand of mask, will be the presence of CCTV exposure to hazardous material, a time magic party feel insecure.

due to the lack of governance, Tmall, Baidu and other large platforms can not be published false advertising, in the circle of friends can be released. In Taobao, the Jingdong is prohibited imitation bag, imitation of the table, in the circle of friends in the exhibition work in just ways.

can be expected, without long, WeChat official will strike out, to strictly control, micro business arena, will set off a reign of terror.

3, weak credibility

I did a thorough investigation of the Magic Party and found an interesting phenomenon:

circle of friends in all their own use of the mask, the effect of how good, 99% are selling their own mask. But the real end consumers, but didn’t see anyone in the show, can not help but give a false sense of Wangpo saying.

is more idiotic almost every face, head of Magic Party are beautiful photos, address display or Paris or Dubai, looks more beautiful than Fan Bingbing, but also sell mask what? See super fake


a lot of advertised efficacy of cosmetics, health products, too, that is, the lack of authority seized