Taobao is the cow who wants to hide who


is now more like the Internet dictator, although from the hard times first back to taste, Taobao has continued to take the cattle, once before in order to combat competitors at the competition and cooperation completely rejected, if Taobao back shield those Internet giant Taobao we can recognize the dauntless spirit. Of course, the more fearless also demonstrates Taobao’s bullish.

Baidu can not stand ah have been destroyed

Although Baidu

in the electricity industry is an underachiever, but its absolute advantage in the search engine, is any competitors can not regard as unimportant Internet companies, in this context, Taobao decisively uses a pre emptive strategy, fully shielded Baidu spider to grab the Taobao data, the purpose of doing so one is the analysis of Taobao refused to Baidu database, so that they have gained the initiative data, it is this approach to Taobao began a vertical search engine of their own, of course, is also doing very well, has let Baidu feel the vertical pressure of competition.

Of course, the biggest harvest is still Taobao

screen Baidu to Baidu has ah kill in the bud, when more traffic into the Taobao platform, Taobao alone big background, Baidu has ah, even with the support of the search engine, but the viscous flow and supplier viscosity have no way compared to Taobao. In addition Baidu also did not lose money even if Jingdong do not hesitate to compete with Taobao’s competitor, so Baidu has become the first Taobao fodder competition.

navigation station to become the target of Taobao

once Taobao guest Let Taobao suddenly resolved because the shielding Baidu spider caused loss of flow, become the most powerful pieces for Taobao to attack Baidu, now Baidu and Taobao for their animosity, hand reared Taobao customers, Taobao has once again demonstrated its fanshouweiyun rain businessmen character your knife, to cut their business navigation station over a road is everywhere bones with reign of terror, even once hot beauty and have felt Taobao’s murderous steaming.

The reason

navigation station crackdown by Taobao, and MA in public in a sentence are not unrelated, navigation station as another traffic entrance Taobao, if it is diversified development, nature is Taobao fancy, but if the navigation station into the entrance flow of Taobao, Taobao became the home. It is obviously not able to tolerate by Taobao, so Taobao immediately and Baidu cooperation, while the acquisition of sina micro-blog, will re entrance flow control in their own hands, which led to shield Taobao navigation station.

from Taobao’s track, with congenital domineering but myself, this is also reflected in the business of the two election, when the whole society public opinion on Taobao’s suppliers choose one of the two acts voluble, Taobao still go its own way, and its purpose is to curb the Beijing.