The content of the website optimization and key picture picture article publishing

optimized content on the site, we all know is very important, how to optimize the picture content reasonable

first we look at love Shanghai, love Shanghai’s image search engine is very powerful, love Shanghai itself on the block also is very concerned, Internet traffic from video, pictures, novels, these pieces, the picture is very large traffic sources.



two, how should we picture content


: a picture of what are the benefits of

We examine 1618

can imagine, if you put the picture image search optimization to love Shanghai before three, and did not like the keyword that fierce competition, the difficulty of optimization is far from the popular keyword so difficult, some outside the picture content and the content of your website is consistent, if we do this image optimization, bring the flow is very accurate, the conversion rate is very high, especially for some of the flow station, QQ station, this site is beautiful pictures, through the optimization of image itself, get considerable traffic.

many webmaster think, image optimization simply added to the picture ALT tag? In the middle there are many operational methods.

customers, can be found in Shanghai love image search included a 6700, you can imagine the middle can get click flow and transformation of how much.


need to pay attention to, in the setting of ALT but also to clear the good images of the width and height, we can refer to the following code:

we look at love Shanghai’s home page, for example input 1618 beautiful pictures (贵族宝贝, and then transferred to the search for love pictures in Shanghai. Through the analysis of the data, in addition to the keywords, love Shanghai image search a day for the top ten pictures of the flow is very large.

1: first make the contents of the ALT tags

a lot of pictures website, especially customers, excessive attention to love Shanghai keyword ranking, but forgot to optimize the picture itself, whether it’s actually love Shanghai or noble baby picture of the search function are greatly strengthened, through the optimization of image we can get a lot of traffic.

All the Optimization of A

Shanghai Longfeng has told us that the picture must be added alt, now the search engine technology is unable to read into the picture of real content, or to describe the pictures tell the spider your picture is what to do, HTML inside the ALT tag is the best description of the image content, ALT will be very clear tell the search engines and introduced the content of the picture.