Feather a Shanghai dragon called waiting for you will do optimization

for the love of Shanghai search business to adjust the news, the feathers look carefully, is said to be from Shanghai insiders revealed to love. Then ask a question: if you fall in love with the sea really search business will adjust, which revealed to them? But not found in a change, love Shanghai products increased say there is no what proved.

then in view of these surface phenomena and reasons, we work together to analysis:

1, love Shanghai this is really made a big adjustment: love Shanghai algorithm changes, crazy minus the chain.

I asked the Shanghai Long Fengbo group members, because everyone is independent of Shanghai Longfeng bloggers, everyone has a lot of experience and practical optimization list from your hand on the site, ranking no change, included a small decline in the number of backlinks, just love Shanghai significantly reduced. If love is the Shanghai algorithm to adjust the changes, then certainly there is a standing floating change, rather than just reflected in the decrease in the number of single. So why not set up 1.

3, and love Shanghai yesterday (February 21st) server downtime at around 5, resulting in the loss of records library and database index.

, an index database and a database of records lost.

2, Shanghai love search business adjustment, in order to enhance their products ranking, to suppress the small website.

I also checked several station responsible, reduced from 142000 to 78 in Shanghai, the chain of love, more exaggerated is a chain of 780 thousand to 372. But the ranking is still stable, dozens of key words are not a big change from the background traffic floating, rough observation, IP has certain promotion.

just get up on the morning of 22 found that each QQ group exploded: love Shanghai big adjustment, greatly the number of external links the site size decreased. This can be lively, on the Internet, a variety of reasons Public opinions are divergent., there is speculation, one of the more common are the following:

then, some webmaster friends started the conclusion: Shanghai does not want to love our small grassroots webmaster survival, only in order to expand their love Shanghai products; love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, improve the quality of content proportion, the role of the chain has become less and less, don’t even pay attention to it; the chain is not important, the optimization work in the future it can be ignored; the gold chain business has plummeted, will change the industry rules. What is more, itself that optimization ability not Shanghai Longfeng own, now is like to be in love with the sea toward the abyss and pushed, crying father mother confidence lost more than, retreat and give up.

also for a portal site station, love Shanghai trans from hundreds of thousands to more than 100, PR7 dropped to PR4, the other sub page Pr also fell sharply, determine love Shanghai adjustment. = =! This is the more ridiculous, this PR is Google’s thing, Shanghai love what thing, how to pull together?