How to make the enterprise stand site optimization to maximize the effect

really do optimizationMany websites now know

Shanghai dragon should according to the order page layout and the relationship between primary and secondary div, will not junk code >

4, div+css

enterprise website do best is home, so home not only very beautifully designed, optimization of website resources are also great. But the visitors to the site will not only stay in the home, it is the main browser page. Also, only home a few hot words not too much traffic, and more competitive rankings and flow instability.

why do brand? Because you can only form the brand is much to throw off opponents, has become the industry leader and the realization of sustainable development. Think you have a business contact, how many can remember? To buy electronic products, Jingdong; buy small pieces of Taobao; watch entertainment programs, Jiangsu satellite TV, Hunan satellite TV; this is the strength of the brand

1, show the site more value

no brand enterprises are doomed to pay the high cost of acquiring the lowest profits. The site is in the same way, live so many websites do not remember the visitors in the brain, the most prominent is the one or two forever! So, our website how to shape their own brand? You can refer to my shared "to create a powerful website brand sword top on the Forbidden City" 3, pay more attention to the long tail word optimization, website construction planning

Before the !

enterprise with div and CSS, but the formalism is more, although the page code is used in div+css, but not streamlined, no secondary layer between the layout and the nested random search engine, reading this page code is all at sea to the confusion

enterprise website should not simply for the purpose of selling a lot of foreign outstanding enterprises also provide users with more convenient station, with practical information and interesting marketing activities to new visitors, and make the first time visitors to return to long-term culture, eventually led to the conversion of purchase behavior.

so, we should adjust the structure of the site, let the site within reasonable weight transfer, do a good job in the core keywords and key to optimize the long tail word relatively accurate, the enterprise website stability optimization.

2, perfect experience, brand


Shanghai Jones share a "dragon" empty pie typical enterprise website, if you haven’t seen that you look down, be sure to avoid those serious problems. In addition, many enterprises generally use only home station website optimization two or three hot words, it is a waste, we should allow the site to play a greater role, brings to the enterprise Everfount customers, here are a few key points Jones advice.

in the website optimization increasingly competitive era, only to meet the user needs more sites, visitors will get love and search engine, website ranking will be getting better and better.