User generated content will be how to change Shanghai dragon search engine optimization

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# noble baby continuous innovation and user experience, but also in more than a year ago, had to rely on consumers to make purchase decisions into social content.



version of the search results of the noble baby English rich web page summary display and 97 star rating review:

display examples of user generated content in Shopping

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: noble baby

last month launched the noble baby Hotel Finder example:

can see, the introduction of nobility baby control panel on the left picture, let users simply click on the search engine results page, the new values will through in place, product availability, price comparison, and community content to pass, in addition to the user in a customer evaluation content, is also included in the Shopping OneBox.


had not yet been any social media integration, by using user generated content to determine the search results is also limited, consumers usually to retailers such as Amazon贵族宝贝 website to see customer evaluation. But from the beginning of April last year, the noble baby will start on the user generated content included in many places, this is now on refrigerator refrigerator English version of search results:

by the above screenshot shows, user generated content in just one year, has.

# according to the definition of community media is user generated content and exchange, which has the greatest impact on the purchase behavior is the customer evaluation, and English version of user generated content is full of noble baby pay attention to key words and widely available, and include them in the search engine results, as well as Shopping and Hotel Finder noble baby service in.

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for a long time, the search engine has been nobility baby is the first choice of consumers online to find information from the second quarter of this year, the noble baby search revenues grew 32%, reached $90 billion dollars. Not only that, starting from the United States, the recent nobility baby is becoming consumer online shopping options, and this phenomenon is being accelerated by community, because:

# noble baby search engine results page has a rapid change, other products are also in a user content and accelerate the transformation of community. To understand this, can take a look at the Samsonite Luggage in January last year English version of Samsonite luggage search results: