Shanghai cracked the network and selling case involving up to 700 million yuan

Shanghai Xinhua (reporter Zhu Hong) in April 21, the use of a network of cross-border sales of counterfeit trademark goods, within a few years the "business" turned from a "small workshop" to "big company", the average monthly sales amounted to 2 million yuan, the cumulative amount of up to 100 million yuan in 7 cases, the day before by Shanghai police in cooperation with the police in Fujian successfully cracked.

21 reporter learned from the Shanghai police, in August last year, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau received the famous French designer Louis · Vuitton company report said, fake bags the brand repeatedly found in the international market, some of the goods from China. Shanghai police received a report immediately after the investigation Paimo, but because of the other clues is vague, the investigation work is very difficult.

after several months of investigation, a Shen, Liao based more than and 20 groups gradually surfaced. The investigation, since 2009, Shen suspects, Hwang hired liaomou et al., established in Fujian tengchuang Information Technology Co. Ltd., under the customer service department, editorial department, technology department, department and other departments, and the rental of an information server to the Shanghai development company in Fujian, a commercial building opened, operating more than and 200 fake website.

Shanghai Economic Investigation Detachment of the two captain Qian Honghao introduced, the company said outside have access to authentic factory stock inventory, to obtain foreign customer orders by email, online messages, etc., from Guangdong, Fujian fake "LV" brands such as bags, watches, jewelry and other goods by courier, transport and other places north of Guangzhou then, express to the outside.

police confirmed that the company of overseas sales of counterfeit bags, watches are exported to the United States, Canada and other countries, although a single commodity price thousands of dollars, but there are more than and 10 times the profits.

"this group of people is very cunning, one is only for overseas customers, make each other even if found fake it is difficult to trace; two is that they operate more than and 200 full English fake website, a website once reported off, at the time of being seized are still hundreds of sites in operation; three is the use of international remittance and formal the third party international credit card payment and settlement platform, improve the reliability; four is the URL IP are set to the outside, avoid detection." Qian Honghao introduction, Shanghai police to their social networking on a collective photo as a breakthrough, eventually mastered the gang’s personnel.

April 1st, Shanghai police in conjunction with the Fujian police action to implement the net, and invite the right people to observe on-site verification of the situation. Police arrested the suspect Shen, Liao and other 25 people, and seized their carry cash of $1 million 750 thousand, with more than 60 computers and servers. The criminal suspect in custody, confessed to their crimes, of which 19 people have been detained.

at present, the case is still under investigation.