Known as the king of the chain to obtain classified information network chain should follow 5 princi

a lot of Shanghai Longfeng rookie in the press release, don’t know how to play a catchy title. In fact, not so difficult, such as you release a product (air conditioning) information, you will go to search from what? The most common estimation search is: XX type air conditioner, the most affordable price and XX type air conditioning product performance and other aspects of the use of general consumers will want to buy air conditioning more concerned about, so everyone in the use of editing to meet user search habits. Note that the title is not too long.

information content editor is the most let Shanghai dragon rookie "headache". Many people publish classified information are basically copied from others on the site, do not make changes, if careless, or even other company information, so, not for others in advertising? So in this, Shanghai dragon Xiaobian to tell all of you that information not only to be true, and to the new. Or take the air conditioning products for instance! If you are publishing an article about air conditioning performance knowledge, but this news has also released a lot of sites, this is not what a big impact, but if you release the same message on a platform, it is too "false". So! Content not only to be true, it is to meet the needs of the users. In product release >

from their exposure to Shanghai dragon to now, there are a lot of classified information resources contact, add up the classification information website also have hundreds of, facing the classified sites of these quantities, we recommend you to choose according to their own business needs to choose the time. Such as industrial products, recommended to choose the industry platform to select local regional service platform, in short, which belong to a type of service, try to choose a suitable platform. If you choose the good, the first thing to do is to test, although there are many platforms, but can really use is not very much, so for the first time in operation, to keep good records. Attention! Classification information and trade platform have a common point: audit, so if I need to review it, recorded under the premise of the address, and regularly check whether the audit. Also note that the record normally addresses the use of good use in all platforms.

1. platform

3. content with "heart" to write

2. title

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website to get good rankings, mainly depends on the inside and outside the chain chain. Within the chain chain to pay attention to news updates, blog, forum, business platform, classified information, questions and answers, and a series of Post Bar platform to promote. How to choose a high quality of the chain platform is Shanghai dragon industry rookie value chain, so in the face of many platforms, classified information network gradually into many of the line of sight, become a "good help webmasters to promote their website and get good rankings". The classification of information network which principles needed in the operation? What precautions? Today let Shanghai Longfeng Xiaobian to share the

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