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Four How to use the services?

should have most people are imperceptibly cheated into the pyramid organization called Shanghai dragon". When just graduated from university to work, the time has just graduated, and wood work experience, I have a company a copy of our company we are certainly excited, I was called to the hair of the chain, in fact, I did not know what is called the Shanghai dragon, what is the network promotion, later in the work in that my original work is called the chain commissioner. What is the name of Shanghai dragon also chat, so as to have their own ideas to learn Shanghai dragon. In fact, when the mind is very simple to learn Shanghai dragon is to make money.

to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng not artificial and he would often go to the Internet channel to find some new promotion methods, rather than blindly guarding the Shanghai dragon ranking. BBS is not only popular a few years ago, SNS was still a recent micro-blog and WeChat, WeChat two-dimensional code ask, how many people know? Know what operation? So we have to constantly try new convenient, go along with the internet.

to go along with the Internet

three / Shanghai dragon service money

two / Shanghai dragon money

services make a lot of money Shanghai dragon must do Shanghai dragon service, but do Shanghai Longfeng services must have a goal. Different goals, their practice is very different, if you want to do flow station, then you can choose to do optimization techniques in Shanghai dragon in order to flow, if you want to do sales site, your Shanghai dragon means to focus on sales, if you want to make the brand stand it, then you you should choose to do the brand idea to do station.


has the intention that they will want to make money, how to use the Shanghai dragon money? By ranking? By flow? By working for others? NO, NO, NO to Shanghai dragon money, mainly rely on the service to make money. Then how can we do these


recently found that those veterans who called the Shanghai dragon, because the time is too long, they have slowly forgotten or distorted when do Shanghai Longfeng ideas, yesterday wrote a "veteran," what do you do in Shanghai Longfeng, everyone should understand the goods carefully reading the Shanghai dragon. True, today we remember how to do the Shanghai dragon service.

think that Laoniao, many memories of learning Shanghai dragon of the mind, in fact, Shanghai dragon really simple