Personal webmaster website article must be out of the spell


personal recommendation, if you are a small webmaster, your website weight is not high enough, then you only need to update every day whatever the number of articles, taking the quality first. "Jump out rate is low, the high rate of return" standard to do better. But if your site is comparable with the web site, the article basically included, the long tail basic ranking. You can open a large increase in the number of false original article to get more long tail traffic.

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often see many people asked this question: my site every day update how many good articles? How many words for each article? In the face of such problems, this is pure Shanghai dragon, away from the site itself value. In fact, love is not Shanghai, although there are various, but at this point. Is not restricted to that of death. If the person is not out of the spell, it’s easy to get lost, the Shanghai dragon all day to do useful work many, in the end the website was like that.

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original article the word is really a gold, every word is personally play, just know sometimes an article is enough to split into two articles. In fact, this is not important, mainly according to the idea above, try to reduce the misunderstanding of death drilling of Shanghai dragon. It can make the website more stable in love Shanghai any adjustment, of course, that the sea ‘out of love.

articles are not set, are based more on your site in the industry, the positioning of the site, the site users need to set the size of the site. That seems a little official, but it is this. For some industries, even without daily update Never mind. As a familiar example, in many webmaster blog circles, such as ZAC, Mou Changqing et al., their website ranking? Their website needs to be updated every day? Yes, you will see that their websites are sometimes updated every few days. But why do they also ranked so well? It is because of the good quality, and long-term accumulation of popularity, long enough to attract the audience to visit their website, and to search for their articles by people love Shanghai, also because of the quality and stop to stay out of low rate of return rate high.

that is not necessary? This is not, we should all be familiar with long tail strategy. Really good website is not on the home page of the traffic is more long tail traffic content page. However, personal webmaster and don’t have much time to do so many good articles. Now the pseudo original crackdown is increasing, blindly increase the pseudo original, will only make the website more close to the fate of K.

how many articles updated daily?In fact, according to the number of

according to the proposition, enough to explain the proposition of character on the line. Maybe you think I am too official. I give you an example, that you look for your beauty website, many women websites are so often.