Baidu webmaster how to play fast and loose Jedi

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1, go your own way, let the search engine to collect. In fact, we all understand this, is to take the original way, search engines love new things, especially the love of Shanghai, so long as we are updated daily original content, relatively frequent, get a good rankings. Anyway, love Shanghai home extension gathered, but there are 10 natural ranking in this, we are in a position to which. To love Shanghai, included is a basic, the basic point that we are first rich, this is a process of accumulation, so you have to stick to their own way, let love Shanghai naturally included in our station.

has been listening to a lot of stationmaster people love Shanghai ranking is not good to do, because the love of Shanghai gives people a sense of instability, love Shanghai algorithm to adjust the frequency of relatively large, usually a month more, a little more on Monday, so many webmaster ranking is not good to do, the current time, the total people always on tenterhooks. In Chinese, do search engine ranking is absolutely cannot do without love Shanghai, love Shanghai’s market share accounted for about 80%, which is known to everyone. So although love how Shanghai too much, resulting in many webmaster, Shanghai dragon’s offensive, but we have no other way to these small owners, only a ranking.

love with it in Shanghai Chinese search engine monopoly is inseparable. The algorithm updates frequently, directly led to the change in rank. Many small and medium-sized enterprises, if they are engaged in network marketing, then the Shanghai dragon is their most important means, once the ranking fell, their income will be greatly reduced. The other point, the relative stability of the ranking is love Shanghai, this method is not suitable for everyone, some medium-sized companies sometimes can not afford, because the bidding cost is too high, sometimes at a loss. The advantage of this method is to rank immediate, able to maintain a number of old customers, but in general it is difficult to stick to it, especially some of our grassroots webmaster, not the economic strength to love Shanghai. In a sense, love Shanghai ranking fluctuations, is want to encourage SMEs to go on the road of bidding, create great value for it. I hate the most is: a certain keyword love Shanghai promotion accounted for dozens, and now with a love of Shanghai open platform. The grassroots webmaster play space is getting smaller and smaller. How can we solve the

2, try to open branches and leaves, wide net, waiting for the harvest. This is a lot of lucrative webmaster practices. This is a process, first the first step, page site more than the original, rich, further enhance the website weight, then we can optimize the large number of long tail keywords. We engaged in any industry, the industry is relatively clear, we can analyze hundreds of different long tail keywords from a keyword, and some words are meaningless. The first thing we need to do is to identify good words, good words to optimize the corresponding page, and sometimes is not really love Shanghai index search volume >.