The chain is useful for love in Shanghai

I feel strange, why Google included well? Many people website Google included is not very good, but it does not say, but I do have two blogs in the Google home page, it really makes people puzzled. I used domain贵族宝贝blog.sina贵族宝贝.cn/qy Shanghai dragon 2011, the Google also included the chain a lot more, nearly 100, is Google and love Shanghai algorithm is completely different? Why such a big difference? How does not study, perhaps the only reason I can find out now is love of Shanghai built before the look a little more weight than Google, see more heavy, love Shanghai that the longer the site that its weight is higher, there are more people to visit. But it ignores many web sites are not updated, these sites to block a waste of resources in the new site in front, and such sites are not what people see, I feel the love that Shanghai should take each website update speed a little more weight, the speed of updating only can reflect the value of a website like, news website, which is updated quickly, so to see people also much ah, what is not updated is not a pool of stagnant water was


can not love Shanghai without merit, certainly has a lot of advantages ah, otherwise how there are so many people in Chinese, actually I also very love love Shanghai, love hope Shanghai can dominate the world.

I love to Shanghai a few comments. First, learn from others. You are the first in Chinese, but you are in a foreign country is to compete with Google, which is no doubt. Why? Google is your advantage, you must learn its advantages, why are you more than others, others do better than you? Second, is your Google not updated quickly, a lot of things take a slower than others, the same thing at the same time on the Internet, you do not have others included fast, so you would have a lot of business. Third, the amount included no more than Google, why many people prefer to search for information, Google, because it can get more information, so that others will trust it.

said so much, but my site still does not solve the problem.

recently began to strengthen in the forum outside the chain of learning, every day a lot, but the effect is not very good, Qingyuan Shanghai Longfeng in love in Shanghai, still can not find, do not know what is the cause, the feeling is really very strange.

people say Shanghai Longfeng work "content is king, the chain for emperor", but I don’t understand this sentence in the actual effect, I do a lot of the chain, content is updated frequently, but no match for a long time no update, and few and I like chain blog, really let me at a loss. May my website is still in the review period, but the audit period too long, the audit for nearly a month, Shanghai love can give a little face. May my blog also has some reasons, but now I also slowly change ah, also do not have a heavy constant.