Site optimization Rankings – why no flow

if you can one of these problems, solve these problems, so, website traffic is not a problem, not the problem of customer orders.

three, website optimization scheme

for the network marketing, marketing, marketing strategy and how, is the need of a detailed plan, if the need to do some promotional activities, but also need to coordinate with other departments, advance plans to write optimization program. After making a good website optimization scheme, only need to check the schedule according to the plan.

website optimization, in order to let customers see you, see the order, bring benefits for the enterprise, and the user is to help understand the site optimization analysis inside why problem, visitors from where and what the user wants, what information is the most popular, only love will do so out of the information by the user, in order to business to make money.

so, website optimization, want to have ranking optimization flow, not less, enforcement cannot light, data.

make the website optimization scheme often takes a long time, and the precision of the data, otherwise it is easy to make mistakes. According to their website optimization scheme of data analysis out, have very good guidance effect on site optimization, will also bring more traffic to the site. As for the content of the website how to write, how to send the chain, where, whether you need news sources, these are the need for specialized network editors, in the website optimization strategy can be put forward as long as.

, a user analysis is not in placeWhat is the purpose of

through the user analysis, to understand some of the basic content, and then to evaluate the website: whether your site navigation is clear? Your page layout is reasonable? Your website functions? Your website content effectively? Transformation path is reliable?

? But now the feedback from

, can be found in many web site optimization personnel although formulated the optimization scheme, but the sixty percent is not perfect, the seventy percent implementation is not complete, only less than twenty percent of the people to carry out firmly, finally get their desired results.

two, the website of multi

website optimization, most want to see is your website ranking up, can be home very happy, the first three delight, that is the first tread on air. However, in reality, it will get the boss appreciated? Maybe, but not now, because the boss didn’t see the ranking not included, you do not look at all the effort, he only to see customers, many customers make an appointment this month, how many people came. Even if you do one hundred words, no customers, he also believes that it is a waste of money.

if you do three words, customers or orders, so he will very appreciate you, give you a reward, or even pay to upgrade. So, why many webmaster website rankings clearly but no traffic