Shanghai dragon really hard to force you

we can often see in the group of people complain about, say what Shanghai dragon bitter force, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is the migrant workers are generally two to the general people who say such things are very hard to Shanghai dragon, because they spend a lot of time to do Shanghai Longfeng, so that they will feel tired, I wish to express my deep sympathy, because I have been mad and disappointed. It is because they are tired out of the results is not ideal, so will feel very hard to force the Shanghai dragon. In fact, this is a large part because their thinking is not updated. Do not believe you can go to ask why these people will think of Shanghai dragon bitter? I come to you to relieve heart doubts.

1. Shanghai dragon feel bitter Shanghai dragon ER over 80% of the time in the chain. This is not the letter you can go under investigation. How many people are thinking is still stuck in the content is king, the chain for the emperor era? How many people work every day in addition to send the chain or chain every day? Do people meet the eye everywhere. For the chain, the chain is dead, only the chain. Perhaps this is why A5 would be so popular. Because we all know that the signature to A5 forum, love Shanghai included fast, but also with anchor text links. But how many people know that this is done in order to what? What does this work? I can tell you plainly, do no help at all. A5 is a relatively fast update forum, your character signature will constantly updated with A5 posts and sank to the bottom. Even at that time included, but a month later, you may never see your signature. So everyone in the pursuit of quantity, continue to do every day, but it actually didn’t what role on the site. Because early in your hair character signature, once love Shanghai love Shanghai is included, weight calculation, and in fact we in character signature forum actually most are some post irrigation, no one will go to boring to click on your character signature, this love Shanghai will think your link is rubbish links to your site will be punished. So this is why we do not stop every day to send the chain.

any things with the development of the times progress, so is the people’s thinking, and so we Shanghai Longfeng, to get better ranking, we must make changes in the industry. Shanghai dragon martial arts secrets is not what we see on TV, in fact, personal opinion can go to inheritance, which is China’s education of sorrow, we always love to find a martial arts drama martial arts secrets, blindly pay attention to inherit ancestor merit, devoid of any innovation. If that idea is used in our Shanghai dragon on it, the Shanghai dragon will eventually end in tragedy. Because the user’s demand is changing, the search engine algorithm in the escalating, many Shanghai Longfeng methods have timeliness, the same method may be used in a year ago, but after half a year, the search engine algorithm update, it will not have much value. So as the Shanghai dragon, thinking is very important.