How to optimize the media blog from the details view

third, the title of the article also is very important, it is an important way to attract users to click, is also the key to promote the content rankings, this article content of the original degree must be ensured at the same time, in the title of the article must increase the key words you want to propaganda, and these words are popular use of keywords of course, also can use the long tail keywords, so that it can help to improve the content of the website can get higher ranking, also can let the user know what is probably the main content of this title, so as to stimulate the user’s interest in reading.


first, need to write the user needs content. From the media the value of the blog is to attract fans through a variety of multimedia data, of course, a person’s energy is limited, we can not do a similar portal on the blog blog, this is obviously not realistic, but we can in their own familiar areas rely on their professional job service for their fans user, in fact now many well-known media blogs are relying on their rich knowledge, professional comments and insights on hot events, so as to get the attention of fans. So the key point is to write the user needs, so as to reflect the value of the blog from the media.

from the media blog to get more fans attention? Because a blog from the media without a sufficient amount of fans or loyal users, so this blog from the media value is almost zero, but with the increase of the number of fans, its value can increase exponentially, so to understand from the media optimization for details, obviously has a positive significance to enhance the amount of fans.

blog once because micro-blog and WeChat’s emergence from a certain level lost certain competitiveness, when I first started to blog, there were already eighty years old aunt of the white clouds like贵族宝贝 humor blog, this is the sketch for the year very popular blog field to add a fire. But up to now, although there is no feeling like the blog in the spring, but after years of temper, more that the blog has a mature charm, especially since the emergence of the media, independent blog is to let the media attribute this form of play to the extreme.

fourth, pay attention to the update frequency, which is basically a problem but for a commonplace talk of an old scholar, since the media blog, the update frequency.

second, the content of the article is not the word limit. We will often enter a text digital trap in the update, an article that words should not be more than 1000, some people think that how many words there are The more, the better., in fact the idea of one sidedness, the content should not be restricted by the number of words, but with their own content, write as the concise and comprehensive, can make the user is not fully understood, but it is only tens of thousands of copious and fluent words that a beginning, this is obviously not in line with the current text fast-food consumption concept, which affects the user experience.

But how to make