How to forecast the information website popular keywords to attract traffic

(3) released in advance of the end. Now the disaster caused by flooding water a series of novels, TV series, especially the free many novels, only after the shelves VIP visible, but there are some good things, in other hand Post Bar released a version of the play, finishing version, guess version, you can choose some popular novels, he transformed into the final full text or novel, if you are worried about the copyright problem, the source take, oh. Now check tight, we think of night secretarial nets this thing to do less, although the effect is very good, oh.

(5) early release activity > text

(2) released in advance of the meeting. The party and government organs of the meetings are regularly, the committee, people’s Congress, the CPPCC will have several sessions several times, for example, last year is the seventeen session of the five, this year will open the seventeen session of the six times, so a little something together, can be used to make a fuss, advance to seize the ranking. The seventeen session of the five meeting of the main spirit such as we did last year, daily visits once exceeded 2000IP, seriously what I expected. Then there is the work of a year will open economy, economic analysis, political committee, commission for Discipline Inspection plenary and so on, can be modeled on. The source from related experts predict or last meeting the spirit of transformation and so on, our moderators are all years old secret do this live organ, very easy:

(1) released in advance of the article summarized. Party and government organs and institutions to do year-end summary and plan early routine action. Such articles "have", but not "good", so many people from the network search a down a little transformation, to cope with trouble. Most of the secretarial sites provide such services, network search more relevant article, to get good rankings, only the first release. So, our material night think secretarial nets in August released a year ago summary and next year work plan, although the majority of articles from the work summary of the first half of the original, but the effect is surprisingly good. We are kind of forum, one of the benefits is to collect new articles can start to form update, will not affect the user experience.

recently read an article about how to predict the popular keywords article sympathetically, today we have the 0598 talent network combined with the material night think secretarial nets long tail keywords optimization for some added experience, although do not have the secretarial station scenery, but these practices from our practical experience, we hope to inspire.

(4) released ahead of the festival. Wang Xiaoer new year, every year over year. As the new year begins, the Spring Festival, 51, 54, 71, 81, Mid Autumn Festival, national day, new year’s day followed. A holiday, unit to the meeting, leading to speech, representatives to speak, although it is a commonplace talk of an old scholar is over, but the program, we released the relevant articles, this article is sometimes directly transformed into early next year, lined up, waiting for the next harvest. By the way that a lot of traffic, the recent US material night think secretarial nets to "spring festival get-together speech".