Shanghai Longfeng ER road is hard to move forward in the difficult

rules is limited basically finished, as an old do stand webmaster, I are very blind, sometimes think 360 of the search engine is not really a threat when Shanghai love cake. Let love Shanghai transform rules constantly, the reason is to provide users with valuable information, but now the love of Shanghai is still the same as before, there are such friends express "timid starved to death, to some extent, support dead bold". Do not know whether the correct description. It is very hard to do with us, "

do Shanghai Longfeng colleagues, at this stage Shanghai dragon is indeed very difficult, the future is full of thorns, we do not have enough money to do promotion, Shanghai continue to suppress the love let us no way of doing outside the chain, in this way, for all the colleagues in absolute optimization a test is a challenge.

For most

but now, we met a lot of trouble, we met completely unfit to continue to do the Shanghai dragon, love Shanghai in the domestic dominance, let us all Shanghai Longfeng technique is completely useless, with the love of the Shanghai rules adjustment, with love Shanghai to fight outside the chain of efforts to strengthen all previous techniques are basically useless, although the statement expression is to carefully done stand webmaster to give care, but with station Shanghai dragon R can go and see is it true? Do under the forum signature we can improve the weight of previous blog Links can improve the weight, before the exchange of friendship links can also increase the weight, and now, what are not, it is of great importance to the site experience, is it really so? Not necessarily, we can see many The station is still on the purchase link, or even very confusing, love Shanghai foreign chain blocked to a certain extent is really hit the link to purchase bad behavior, the owners really brought benefits, but love some of the practices of other Shanghai is questionable, such as forum signatures, such as soft Wen even now, seemingly sending the soft effect is small, it is important not to address related with the theme of the article, this is the current rules.

back to do optimization, three years ago is very simple, very easy for most engaged in network optimization of the webmaster, for most rely on the natural ranking webmaster that is the honeymoon period, the search engines will not so much, it will not love Shanghai so arrogant, it will have Google in China, will recall that do the ranking is very simple, for a little basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon R in China, most of the pursuit of love in Shanghai, most still rely on love through the sea to enhance the overall ranking, but Google that stood in Shanghai, love not so perverted, no large money, all the webmaster is very easy for ranking, we do not rely on cheating, we do not rely on the black hat, we rely on a point of the chain, relying on the point of the blog, ranking there, but also very high. This is a process of all Shanghai dragon R enjoy, is all to do Shanghai Longfeng colleagues want to see.