The Google hummingbird algorithm


when Google launched the "hummingbird algorithm"

algorithm is dead?Not

think of a car built in the last century, in 50s, it may have a great engine, but up to now, although it still has an engine, but the engine has been the lack of fuel emission and other functions, or can not use unleaded gasoline. Google search algorithm switching hummingbird search algorithm, is just like a car abandoned old engines and the use of new and better performance of the engine. But Google so soon quietly using a hummingbird search algorithm, that almost no one knows this change.

The new

why the algorithm named "hummingbird"

said the baby was named noble, "hummingbird", the implication is: accurate and fast, in order to search for user service.

algorithm, PageRank

for the launch of a hummingbird algorithm, then the pandas, penguins and other algorithms, it has also been updated

said the noble baby algorithm has been run, more than a month, but only until September 26th to be announced.

is what time? "?

algorithm has been in use, what does it mean?

Google in September 26th announced the launch of the "new search algorithm – hummingbird algorithm", this system is mainly used for the existing information resources collection and sorting, so as to cope with the increasingly complex search queries, to more accurately and quickly return to the customer required search results.


panda, penguins and other algorithms also updated the old algorithm. Continue with the automobile engine as an example, the algorithm updates like the car engine using a new oil filter or have an improved pump. The hummingbird is a brand new search engine, but it will still continue to use the original "parts", such as panda and penguin.

engines are still using the old component "

. The PageRank algorithm is still as one of the more than 200 factors to examine the Google search algorithm, but the algorithm is integrated into the hummingbird. The hummingbird algorithm is still hoping that by PageRank to evaluating the importance of links or not, for many other factors such as the quality evaluation of the website also applies to the hummingbird algorithm.

The launch of the new ? The hummingbird

a major search algorithm update in 2010, Google updated the "caffeine algorithm, the algorithm is mainly used to help Google better integration of information organization, the index of content; rather than the hummingbird algorithm is mainly used to help Google better sorted order information.

some old parts of itself is very perfect, so they could not be abandoned without, as for other imperfect parts may be replaced more frequently. In general, Google said the bee.

the latest Google updated its search algorithm