The website domain name is not in the home means the site is down right

believe a lot of friends of Shanghai Longfeng met the same problem, is that it took a long time to do a keyword ranking page, but only to a few days and not fall, hundred outside the. Obviously, because the search engine has a lot of algorithm, and the ranking algorithm is changing, for many popular keywords and many competitors and companies in the optimization of persistent, so the site is down right this is inevitable.

1, through the webmaster tools query site data

so, for some novice webmaster site is down right face problems are still confused, even do not know their site is right to be reduced. Take a small series of experience, remember in the small just contact Shanghai dragon after a period of time, one day suddenly found their website home page is not the first, that your site is down right, the mood is very depressed. Then ask around Shanghai Longfeng experienced friends, what’s wrong? After a friend by analyzing simple data on my site in Webmaster tools, found that the site has really not at home, but the weight is still there, and the ranking of words did not decline. A friend told me that my site is not right down, let me rest assured. Therefore, from this thing Xiaobian that a truth that is to determine whether a site is down right must be carried out comprehensive analysis to the data on the website. So today Xiaobian think through their own personal experience, teach you to judge what a site is right down the performance of

if a web site collected hundreds of descending into a few or not included words from before, we should pay attention to, though not that alone to determine the site right down, but if at the same time weight from 1 to 0 words, that certainly is a website the one hundred percent is down right. For example, what.

from above that, the small series with the home station of Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive query the site, its home position is not the first, but remember that alone can not determine whether the site is down right. We can see from the above snapshot time, the station’s data flow, love Shanghai love Shanghai weights and PR data, the data still exists, apparently did not drop right site. Therefore, the site is not the first home page and not as one of the basis to determine whether a site right down.

commonly used most webmaster tools must be the owners of the house of the Shanghai dragon on integrated query, how to use it, we should all be familiar, here I will not elaborate. Following small to a web site optimization as an example and do the analysis on the data of Shanghai dragon, as shown in figure


2, the weight of the website, see keywords ranking and included