What happened to the people who left BAT to start a businessAnalysis of profit model of marriage see

there are many places for marriage, dating, net dating activities, and then charge a certain amount of money, in fact, this profit model is somewhat like the traditional dating service. Such activities, held several times, in fact, the effect is very good, at the same time, the site is also very good publicity, but also to increase the authenticity of the site, so that network marriage is no longer virtual. Online and offline combination.

1, membership fee

by the way, the station: Zhejiang marriage network, www.zjzh5.cn

luckily he was lucky. He didn’t graduate long enough. The Oracle Corp hired him. Wu Guohua’s job is to maintain data components and Oracle, 11g, R2, RAC, srvctl and WLM part of the test, Oracle in four years.

the marriage dating site very much, much like a garbage station, many companies have done a lot of races, like those big online dating is not to say, their SEO are very good, basic place on the dating of keywords, they are in the front row, the competition is very.

well, no, welcome to :664311751

in the new post, for software testing, open, iterative and other process optimization has become the focus of Wu Guohua’s work every day. At that time, China’s mobile Internet industry blowout development trend has quietly arrived, and the formulation of BAT has begun to become popular. In China’s largest Internet technology business, every day of China’s most successful software testing work, Wu Guohua’s product impulse is gradually germination.

is actually a lot of online dating is the membership is divided into several levels, higher fees, can see the other members of the contact, and the general membership is only through the station message in the form of contact, there is a lot of inconvenience, but in China, users are accustomed to free, not interested in charge at the same time. Very disgusted, but free online dating again, so many Internet users to charge selective sites, a great threat.

site membership, flow, and large viscosity, is the characteristics of marriage nets, but if long-term unprofitable, it is also a headache. Let’s talk about the profit model:

2, activity fee

"the real exposure to software products is after the Tencent.". "In 2010, Wu Guohua left Oracle and entered Tencent Shanghai branch. He was responsible for the automated testing of products.

local network marriage well, can pick up some local advertising like real estate network and talent network, advertising object is the local wedding and marriage related industry, of course, this will be in the local site may have a certain visibility is then possible.

3, advertising fee

Wu Guohua studied pattern recognition and image processing in college. In 2006, he earned his master’s degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and entered the field of work.

received the interview invitation, Wu Guohua looked a little reserved. He tried to remind us that he was not a proper interviewee because he was "not trying to do something.".

entrepreneurship for the Internet age practitioners, is undoubtedly a painful and happy adventure, Snapchat overnight fame story inspired programmers. In June, TOPBOTS, the technology media, selected 20 industry leaders to drive China’s artificial intelligence reform, of which 10 were born sh419. Visible, in China, the factory origin entrepreneurs have quietly formed a group of dazzling echelon, they have a natural entrepreneurial advantage.

Wu Guohua: business failure, but also want to go abroad

1 years later, Wu Guohua and several friends together, resigned from the original company, set up a team. "At that time, just a few friends, are large companies, technical background, thinking of our cooperation to do a product out, definitely not bad.". So he came out to start a business. "They’re thinking of a lifestyle App that faces the concept of" middle class "that has just heated up at that time

in the college is not easy to be applied to the technical field of Wu Guohua, empty have a useless skill, in reality, to find suitable for their own programming and technical aspects of the work.

but any public attention to the phenomenon are survivors of deviation, aside by the media attention to those few darling, the team’s entrepreneurs, their general situation how? 100offer conducted a survey of the platform candidate, pay attention to those from manufacturers, and had candidates entrepreneurial experience, the following is their story.

I found the big online dating, but also has some disadvantages, their membership database is vast, it is also easy to match, but there is an important problem, if a female member is in Beijing, but the male members of Guangzhou, when they communicate on the network, is very convenient. But mention when the actual problem, the problem came out, probably female members did not want to get married to Guangzhou, feeling much, even if the female members agree, maybe her family did not agree. So city friends appear.

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