More about new Shanghai Dragon Road Bottleneck limit


Hello, I am more, not Guo Moruo! Contact Shanghai Longfeng this for nearly a month, this month’s time, is not a very long time, can be said to be a very short time, just is the entry-level rookie level. Today I want to write myself for some Shanghai dragon feeling, also about the doubts of Shanghai dragon. My Shanghai dragon road, failed and then to funny, the sublimation of


Shanghai dragon is a very low threshold of the industry, is also a very high threshold for the industry

Shanghai dragon is a very low threshold of the industry, so the emergence of a lot of so-called Shanghai dragon Er, however, is the true dragon master all belongs to Shanghai how much, and how much is the name of Shanghai dragon guise fudge people? I currently do a month to see.

a teacher assignments, let me more closer to the distance of Shanghai dragon. Do Taobao customers themselves, there are two domain names, just at that time, the school is to teach the use of Dreamweaver and some simple HTML code. I slowly pondering how to make a website that night in, doing is purely static, and the frame is drawn with dreamweaver. At that time know what is title, keywords, description. From the beginning of the website upload up, no one visit to the day after the ten, twenty, the highest traffic is to reach hundreds of independent IP, it was in the winter, so the choice of the project is not thermal underwear, made about three months on account of more than 500. Oh! At that time, I have a sense of achievement. Gradually, I became more interested in the Shanghai dragon, hope to be able to do such work, continue to explore the Shanghai dragon.

now, I was engaged in Shanghai dragon aspect, from this work, I see, Shanghai dragon is not so easy, I also slowly explore their Shanghai dragon road, to choose their own way to go, but getting better. Here I mention my concern.

just contact this line, is the last year in school, a class by chance, let me know there is such a profession, remember that time, the deepest impression is, let us in a forum posting, a poster, who can see through. Post by after I feel very excited, because it was understood that the ads are difficult to send out, and will be deleted, I did not expect to send a success, but also know some BBS can add URL in character signature inside. So for your result there is pleased with oneself. But now I think about it, then feel funny, because my hair is the classification information section, can release advertisement information. However, also in that time, let me have a little bit of contact for Shanghai dragon.