Shanghai dragon Feifei creative gift e-commerce website case sharing

website main keywords

site title + company name

Keywords: 3~5

2, website head, navigation, navigation, commodity classification, website announcement plus plus keywords anchor text, improve the keyword density, do not stack keywords, a page with a link to each keyword, keyword H1 tags, bold, italic, etc.

, Shanghai dragon is currently a creative optimization for Phoenix Creative Gift website, Shanghai dragon Feifei found few gifts website optimization case, come out to share with you.

, the 4 channel project page optimization, reference page optimization operation.

internal optimization:


Optimization: Web page put gifts main keywords and the name of the company, the main development is the long tail, long tail traffic this gift is very objective, such as sending boyfriend what birthday, Valentine’s day long term girlfriend what gift, there are tens of thousands, following Shanghai dragon Feifei is divided into internal and external optimization optimization tell you specifically about how to optimize and remind you that we are the best of the internal optimization are ready and then submitted to the search engine, to send the chain, to be free when the site is not optimized to be collected, Shanghai dragon Feifei is attention to detail, the details determine success or failure, just below Shanghai dragon Feifei introduce the steps and details of the

(2) Title Keyword description

ZhengZhan optimization

example: [dragon house] designed to provide professional creative creative gifts, creative creative gifts, birthday gifts, creative services such as DIY (title with a special symbol for attention, plus the name of the company is to build the brand)

3, gifts (quiz quiz channels) to develop long tail keywords, the article page add anchor text.

5, commodity page add new >

(1) pseudo static

1, Logo and ALT plus

(3) Title Description keywords optimization

Research on

example: creative gifts, creative creative gifts, birthday gifts, creative DIY, Longfeng creative house

label product pictures

example: creative gifts, creative gifts, creative birthday gift, creative DIY to creative dragon house, Dragon House creative intention to create high quality and inexpensive creative gifts, gifts gifts become your preferred shopping platform.

Shanghai dragon Feifei

is used in ECSHOP system, we must first set up the website of pseudo static (no friends can go to the official forum which has introduced how to set), Shanghai dragon Feifei found pseudo static rules official path is too long, the short path of Shanghai dragon Feifei (closer to the primary domain weight higher)


Description: contains more than two keywords for