Zhang Dong practical analysis of Shanghai Longfeng soft writing primer

We analyze the characteristics of

two introduction: the first is the essentials, then meet the reading habits, reasonable sentence contains keywords, reasonable include title, contains a reasonable outline.

Answer: ) The Shanghai Encyclopedia of love

we have the following some alternative answer:

why choose this title and outline? Obviously, we do, there is no doubt that disrupted the love Shanghai segmentation principle, whether the title or outline or content, is a completely new content, so we should how to write this article introduction.

"according to different styles can be divided into narration, description and argumentation, so how to master the basic elements of the style, let Xiaobian give you finishing, the last six elements of the song to deepen your impression of

open the composition of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love. 贵族宝贝baike.baidu贵族宝贝/view/17745.htm#3

Outline: elements of narrative, expository elements, elements of argumentation, the six elements of the song (which is also the outline of long tail keywords)

do very well in this respect, we rewrite of Wikipedia content, let us see more clearly.

two; no matter what kind of style are its basic elements, the six elements will allow you to master the more profound understanding of narrative, argumentative and expository real elements, summarized as follows: "

, then we in composition elements to expand the long tail keywords, the outline extraction from Shanghai love Wikipedia:

in the process of writing soft Wen Shanghai dragon, many of my friends do not know how to proceed, according to the principle of the word love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon soft model can be used to compare the popular saying is "leading Phoenix pig stomach", this is the end of the article is the introduction of leading, Pteris, content of the article is the pig stomach. According to the extended Title Outline, to write according to the outline introduction and summary. Today, Zhang Dong will come to you in case analysis the specific wording of the introduction.

."Answer: "

then we again from the perspective of a search engine to analyze the benefits of writing, firstly this article is definitely a completely original article, and absolutely consistent with the user’s reading habits, and indeed meet the needs of users, users will need to understand the composition elements of the answer can be found here, and will be reasonable key words are repeated, and the outline as the long tail keywords in the article also reasonable appeared several times, the content of highly relevant, we definitely have reason to believe that the article was full of words, must be a good article, flesh and blood and is definitely a >

This is part of the composition of the elements of

Title: master the basic elements of different styles (which is the extension of the long tail keywords composition of the elements of the