To love Shanghai products to Shanghai dragon optimization

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then, site access speed between the user experience of the site, Baiduspider as one of the users to access the site, once the opening speed can not meet the Internet eight seconds will reduce the principle of trust website, this is also the author of Dennis has emphasized the reasons to choose a stable service. However, we know that the server is no mistake, even the industry called the guidepost million net have been hacked, so to fundamentally eliminate this problem is still difficult. Shanghai is to accelerate the music and love to ease the problem in a certain degree, it set the options in the "DNS line search engine optimization", through the DNS network data terminal, terminal to optimize website.

we know that the domestic Shanghai Longfeng optimization is mainly aimed at the love of Shanghai. Recently, we can also find love Shanghai algorithm rules and the upgrading of products is the change rapidly. Many Er do love Shanghai Shanghai dragon’s products is very helpful for optimization, especially the "cloud" series and accelerate the music with us to echo the secret. That today I Dennis to share the experience of optimization is whether to love Shanghai products to do website optimization

site 404, 501 of the cases, the website will not > on the search engine

Internet is the collapse of the Shanghai dragon appeared frequently, regardless of the authenticity of our information, tentatively judge about web site optimization now. The author found that Dennis, large commercial portals and news station impact is relatively small, the enterprise station really is in jeopardy.

the second most affected site is normal access security risk warning, generally see the risk warning, even if the site ranked higher, we will stay away, it will cause the decline of website ranking. Love Shanghai acceleration music is to resolve the menace from the rear in the review process of it, according to the website to do safety performance audit, efficient protection to prevent the hacker, Trojan horse attack. To enhance the overall security environment website, will not appear risk warning to users and Baiduspider a good access environment.

first, we love Shanghai’s most critical platform can see the entrance to accelerate the music, which shows the degree of attention for the love of Shanghai products. Imagine, when the Baiduspider crawl site, find your site using the love of Shanghai products, as can be imagined for the website of favorability and favor will improve, so that it can be an occasion to these products quickly occupied Shanghai love love Shanghai index tools are also included, such as updating the website ranking advantage, must not Dennis again.

love Shanghai’s products, introduced one by one analysis is obviously a huge workload, now we focus on the most popular cloud hosting and accelerate the music analysis, this and his push can be fully aware of the important love Shanghai products on the website of Shanghai dragon in optimization.

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