The site included experience and layout of the site

site is our webmaster a tool most commonly included, this tool can query our website, and we summarize the optimization scheme and observation, so that we can adjust the content of the website, so as to get more traffic. So today I will explain why as we usually need to be included in the query of the importance of site.

1. throughout the history of mankind, mankind is in progress, consumer demand will change over time, so our website is the same with the life cycle, if you pay no attention to the user in the content of the page, then love Shanghai will think you website provided the content is of no value, will be deleted your collection. For example, we often in the A5 forum post on that, just send a post when the user clicks rate is very high, so the search engine will soon be included in this page, and when the hot forum in the transfer, when you no longer post webmaster favors, your post will sink the following pages, no Adsense click, then the search engine will slowly delete your collection. This is why we do particularly fast reason forum personality signature chain lost.

, why should we site data query


two, site data through which specific role of

? Beyond the

1. to find out the reasons of "not included. By "not included in a variety of reasons, but the main factors accounted for several reasons, we need to carry on the analysis. Through the site we can clearly see which pages are included, which pages are not included, such as the two similar products within the page, a collection, another is not included, so we can see the comparison, included "ratio is not included" where is good, the quality of the content well, still picture more clearly, or two "similarity"

2. counterparts. As long as that with a commercial word, there are a lot of Shanghai dragon to participate in the competition, this in line with the principle of modern commercial society, if you are lucky enough to be the first person to eat crab, would be nice. But if you are not only satisfied with the status quo, analysis of user needs of each web page, it is likely to be surpassed by peers. Speaking to my industry, I do a sprinkler sprinkler on site, the picture is very clear, the sprinkler has done a general description, then the site open speed is not fast, but still included is very good, but with more and more peers, pay more attention to user experience than many of its peers I, they provide a high-definition picture in the page in the sprinkler, sprinkler and shoot the video for product introduction and operation, that is to say they pay more attention to the user experience. Because of my poor quality to "than their peers, so I love Shanghai included in the query by my product pages, it is less and less, and walk through the study of user experience, continue to adjust", they included and ranking is also getting better and better.