A map fix construction site keywords planning



first to see through the search engine keywords planning tips. Most of the time the search engine itself provides a key way for us to deploy, and it is also the Shanghai dragon Er are a commonplace talk of an old scholar. We specify a word search in the search engine, will appear in the drop-down box and Its Related words, search for "Chengdu website promotion", in the drop-down box can see the search engine automatically, the other words, these words are Internet users often search words.

how to write their own website, how to deploy, we have been a persistent problem in the webmaster. Key words for the importance of the website must also needless to say, it is throughout our website architecture where the secret to a certain extent, we also determined the website of the theme and tone service content. The user and search engine keywords, or both interactive media, it is hard to imagine if you do not use the keywords, then we will be how to achieve efficient information query purpose. So how to determine the site keywords? Digital cube small by a topological graph, we sort out ideas, key words help you locate your site to promote the development of construction site.

search box, the bottom search will show some of the more popular words, these are the places where we need to focus on the deployment of keywords are selected to view.

finished site keywords deployment by stationmaster’s own experience and peer analysis, we mainly talk about how to plan the site keywords to help us through a variety of tools way.

website plan



from above, we can see that the keyword planning throughout the site can be divided into two ways: people and tools.

as the main points for his own thought and external inquiry. As a webmaster, we are more or less for each type of website have understanding, also for some vocabulary had been summed up access, have the relevant website project there are many. So the webmaster can be determined by virtue of their own experience of relevant keywords. Of course, it also has some defects, after all person’s vision is limited, we have good grasp of information from the outside to improve myself. It is starting from the peer perspective, see how they are deployed for keywords. The webmaster can usually through peer gatherings and ways of social networking tools, the next line of communication analysis, listen to their advice, which is very helpful to our web site keywords deployment.

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Of course, these words

flow of high and low, depending on the flow level of keywords screening to determine which is the core of the word, which is the secondary word and the long tail word, you know.