Five ways to enhance the website weight

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page can better attract spider, this is all Shanghai dragon experimental results, although love Shanghai, Google also said now the technology has been able to distinguish the dynamic website code, but the static technology will mature after all is good, and the most important is the static website domain name address more good remember.

the best one is illustrated, using pictures and articles related to collocation can be more cause the attention of the search engine, giving higher weights.

is almost as long as to establish a website, whether novice or old webmaster is very care about your weight, weight only to high ranking, flow of users, the value weight can prove a website. Outside the chain, the chain optimization plays a decisive role. But in addition to these and many skills can increase website weight.

each website has the system of their own, this is the basis of site construction, only a good foundation to increase the weight, high quality articles in the word first will not be too little, too little will let users cannot obtain enough information over a certain word article, usually recommend paging display, users avoid reading fatigue.


5, timing quantitative update


site credit

the content of the article is the key to enhance the weights of the website, every site with information, articles and so on distribution system, to build the high weight of the site is to rely on long time to publish original high quality articles form, content is too less to spider love, too much easy to cause the user fatigue, so write how many words the best quantitative.

every day to the site to add fresh content to attract users and spiders, a website as the reality of the store, keep the commodity update allows users to find fresh content, if still yesterday old sample may come will leave you for a long time, in the course of time will come again, even not to return again.

website weight can do it not 1,2 days, but by the time accumulated slowly, weight lifting shall be.

share button is produced by third aspects of love outside of Shanghai, but after Shanghai webmaster stated love line share button can increase the spider crawling speed, is conducive to optimizing. But in addition to this, the share button can make your web page to get more shows and more user interaction.


, the 4 page static

content is illustrated

every site has a certain degree of credit, the credit is to tell the user, you are going to tell the spider web site is not serious, liar like, the network and the reality of society, only the high degree of credit to attract more people, remember the website must record, and leave your phone, such as QQ contact to establish a positive image.