How to do home love Shanghai andrology hospital keywords

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Liu Haihua detailed index, love Shanghai love Shanghai relevant results and difficult to determine the degree of keywords:

(3) search over 100W, moderate

basic data: the words "love Shanghai andrology hospital" index 882, love Shanghai related results about 43700000

embedded knowledge:

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(2) search is less than 100W, on behalf of moderate

(1) search is less than 50W, on behalf of

1, Lanzhou modern male hospital andrology hospital industry hot search words and word of mouth word, have to do.

For example:

(5) 500W search above, is very difficult, it is difficult to complete personal or take a long time to see results.

1, "timely revision" to achieve the user experience is improved

, 2 regional key words: Lanzhou andrology hospital, Lanzhou best male hospital, the Lanzhou andrology hospital family is good, not what the index will soon line up, but to give the site a permanent goal may be long to optimize it, andrology hospital is a good choice.

andrology hospital

website in April 10th completed the revision and on-line website three of the biggest problems before the presence of the ASP database is not stable, often missing data; front page compatibility is poor, often appear page disorder; website characteristic advantage is not prominent, poor user experience.

recently love Shanghai change constantly search by keyword, male hospital, Lanzhou modern hospital to the home page sixth, from "love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot snapshot", is the latest update of the website. The simple share with you is how to do keywords love Shanghai andrology hospital home? Talk recently love Shanghai what changes.

: the actual situation from the actual project, the actual amount to diagnosis the andrology hospital "is not high, only to improve the site and degree of brand.


comprehensive evaluation index:

medium difficulty

intitle: Beijing Shanghai dragon, this search method is the most accurate, this method is based on the core keywords "to determine the reference:



, after the revision of the website using small pages of different home page, channel page, list page, the article page, the template to the search engine grab.

(4) 300W search above, long continuous efforts can have a good ranking